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Defend Yourself :: Every Woman's Guide To Safeguarding Her Life
by Matt Thomas

by N. Mashiro

Fugitive :: How To Run, Hide & Survive
by Kenn Abaygo

How To Fight Back & Win :: The Joy Of Self Defense
by Judith Fein

How To Prevail :: In Hostile Environments
by Xavier Maniguet

In The Gravest Extreme :: Role Of The Firearm
by Massad Ayoob

Knife Self :: Defense For Combat
by Michael Echanis

No! No! No! :: A Woman's Guide To Personal Defense & Street Safety
by Kathy Long

Paintball! Strategies & Tactics
by Peter Wrenn

Stalk & Kill
by Adrian Gilbert

Survial-Fighting Knives
by Leroy Thompson

The Farnam Method Of Defensive Shotgun & Rifle Shooting
by John Farnam

The Koehler Method Of Guard Dog Training
by William Koehler

The Truth About Self Protection
by Massad Ayoob


AK47 :: The Complete Kalashnikov Family Of Assault Rifles
by Duncan Long

Ammo Forever :: The Complete What To Shoot & How Manual For Rifles & Shotguns
by Don Paul

Black Powder Hobby Gunsmithing
by Sam Fadala

Boston On Guns & Courage
by Boston Party

Brassey's Essential Guide To Military Small Arms
by Derek Allsop

Do-It-Yourself Submachine Gun
by Gerard Metral

Firearms For Survival
by Duncan Long

Firearms, Traps & Tools Of The Mountain Men
by Carl Parcher

Gunsmithing At Home
by John Traister

Handloader's Digest
by Bob Bell

Home Workshop Guns :: The .22 Machine Pistol
by Bill Holmes

Home Workshop Guns :: The Handgun
by Bill Holmes

Infantry Combat - The Rifle Platoon :: An Interactive Excercise In Small-Unit Tactics & Leadership
by John Antal

Modern Weapons Caching :: A Down To Earth Approach To Beating The Government Gun Grab
by Benson Ragnar

More Guns, Less Crime
by John Lott

Shooting Sports For Women :: A Practical Guide
by Laurie Morrow

Super Shotguns :: How To Make Your Shotgun Into A Do-Everything Weapon
by Duncan Long

That Every Man Be Armed ::
by Stephen Halbrook

The AR15/M16 :: A Practical Guide
by Duncan Long

The Art Of The Rifle
by Jeff Cooper

The Complete Black Powder Handbook
by Sam Fadala

The Concealed Handgun Manual :: How To Choose, Carry & Shoot A Gun In Self Defense
by Chris Bird

The Ultimate Sniper :: An Advanced Training Manual For Military & Police Snipers
by John Plaster

To Ride, Shoot Straight, & Speak The Truth
by Jeff Cooper


America's Achilles Heel :: Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Terrorism
by Richard Falkenrath

Nuclear War & You :: Before, During & After
by Jerrold Richards

Nuclear War Survival Skills
by Cresson Kearney

Nuclear War Survival Skills :: What You & Your Family Can Do
by Cresson Kearney

Survive The Coming Nuclear War
by Ronald Cruit


Advanced Bowhunting Guide
by Roger Maynard

America's Special Forces :: Weapons, Missions, Training
by David Bohrer

Basic Stick Fighting For Combat
by Michael Echanis

Bowhunting Equipment & Skills
by Dwight Schuh

Everybody's Knife Bible :: The All-New Way To Use & Enjoy Your Knives In The Great Outdoors
by Don Paul

Home Workshop Explosives
by Uncle Fester

Knifemaking :: A Complete Guide To Crafting Knives, Handles & Sheaths
by Bo Bergman

Modern Law Enforcement Weapons & Tactics
by Tom Ferguson

Put 'em Down, Take 'em Out :: Knife Fighting Techniques
by Don Pentecost

The Bowhunter's Handbook
by M James


Army Officer's Guide
by Lawrence Crocker

Chemical Alert! :: A Community Action Handbook
by Marvin Thomas

Chemical Warfare Agents :: Toxicology & Treatment
by Timothy Marrs

Close Quarter Combat :: A Soldier's Guide To Hand-To-Hand Fighting
by Leonard Holifield

Fighting In The Streets :: A Manual Of Urban Guerilla Warfare
by Urbano

First Responder Chem :: Bio Handbook
by Ben Venzke

Guidebook For Marines
by Marine Corps Assn

Jet Stream - Part 1 Of WWIII :: The Breakup Of America - A 21st Century Thriller
by R Muehlberg

Military Manual Of Self :: Defense
by Anthony Herbert

Resistance Warfare
by Carlos Jurado

Testing The War Weapons
by Timothy Mullin

The Art Of Maneuver
by Robert Leonhard

The Art Of War
by Sun Tzu

The Close-Combat Files :: Of Colonel Rex Applegate
by Rex Applegate

The Eleventh Plague :: The Politics Of Biological & Chemical Warfare
by Leonard Cole

Tomorrow When The War Began
by John Marsden