If Apple Made Cars

We get Microsoft humor all the time, here's a little Mac humor...

Top 10 ways that life would be different if Apple sold cars.

10. Cars would be priced higher than they are worth and come from a single source just like they do now. But Apple would continuously advertise that buying one of their cars is an escape from that kind of old style paradigm.

9. Apple would be continually lobbying the government to subsidize the donation of cars to schools for driver education.

8. Cars would need excessive horsepower to operate more than one accessory at a time.

7. Many accessories would operate differently but owners would ignore this and boast to their friends that all of their accessories have an identical look and feel.

6. Help regarding the operation of their accessories would be only marginally better than those who drove UNIX cars but the owners would boast that this is of no concern because all of their accessories have an identical look and feel.

5. Owners manuals would be very small. Maintenance manuals, needed to add an accessory yourself, would come in seven large volumes.

4. Owners would make fun of how complex it is to add an accessory on other cars. Owners would not have a clue just how difficult it was for them to add an accessory to their own car themselves. Very few owners of Apple cars would add their own accessories.

3. Periodically a little picture of a bomb would appear on the dashboard and the car would come to a stop. Loyal owners would rarely, if ever, admit this and would convince themselves that this sort of thing happens to owners of other cars all the time.

2. People who could never drive before would begin driving, join auto clubs, tell everyone else how to drive, and generally become insufferable bores.

And the number one way life would be different if Apple build cars...

1. Using the fruits of a larger company's focused research and development effort cars would be introduced that were 10 years ahead of their time. After release, they wouldn't change for over 10 years...