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General Workings of the Program

The introduction of the program which is crucial to the implementation and utilization of the program is done by a special guest appearance of "Einstein" through demonstration and assembly format to all elementary students and teachers.

During the guest appearance "Einstein" presents a short bibliography of himself, his ideas, and his curiosity toward asking questions. In conclusion of his visit "Einstein" informs the students and presents the teachers with a "Be An Einstein...Ask Why?" Notebook to be used for their questions on science that they can eventually submit for response. An Alternative method would be to communicate via an email message.

While covering a science topic, open the floor to specific questions that your students have on the topic that is about to be started.

Brainstorm with the class and list all possible questions that the students have on that specific topic.

Once the students have a list of possible questions, find out which of those questions lend itself to the scope and sequence of your science curriculum.

Can some of them be answered without the aid of the High School Science students, if so leave them for your discussion.

Of the remaining unanswerable questions choose 2 or 3 that can be submitted by use of the Notebook or via email to the Science students at the High School for answering.

It should be "Noted" that we have the capability to answer Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Life Science questions as well.

You should submit all questions to me, at the SMT Science Deptartment Office at Skyview High School.

Please try to submit your questions by Monday of every week that you choose to utilize the program. This will allow the Science Students at the High School to do the necessary research and development for responses to be completed for your classroom activities.

We will get your responses to you on the following Monday, so that the High School students have a weeks time to finish the task and have proper preparation time to give you solid and useful information. So it is extremely important that you have taken this into consideration when introducing a new science topic to your students.

Once you have received your responses, it is up to you how to present the material that is most appropriate for you and your students.

If the questions that your class submits are from individual class members, please submit their names, so that we can try to personalize the answers in a letter or narrative form to that particular student. This can personalize the connection between the elementary students and high school students.

The program has already resulted in multiple benefits for our students, through a non-threatening atmosphere for students to be heavily involved in interactive projects in and outside of the classroom.

It provides for a special two-way prong of learning among students that is seldom achieved anywhere else in the academic setting.

It allows for the use of real life as a lab rather than the typical reading and lecturing of students to death. It challenges curiosity, participation, and the attitude of looking into the real-world connections of science.

In summary, the approach of the "Be an Einstein...Ask Why?" program is to provide another stepping stone for "Sharing Science" and create a balance of activities and opportunities for students, teachers, and parents to be involved in the interaction of science. An idea that can become a reality far beyond our expectations......

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