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Are we still having fun?  We're Ecstatic!

At 11-months Eli is a Champion, finishing with 3 majors in only four weekends.


Best of Opposite Sex (to his littersister) at the 2011 Virginia Beach Breeders' Cup
Thank You Breeder Judge:   Jym Webb - Gazon Afghans

Saturday at the Tidewater Specialty - 5-Point Major, Best of Winners - Thank You Judge Bob Stein

Sunday at the Tidewater Specialty - Eli made the cut of 6 champions - Thank You Judge Betty Stites

Following weekend - Best of Breed - Thank You Judge Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy




"Eli" is proudly owned by Le & Carol Hedstrom, Shawnlu Afghans

(Gene Vaccaro co-owner)

Shawnlu Afghans Website  /  Email:  shawnlu@kc.rr.com

Breeders:  CharterOak Afghans-Shelly & Gene Vaccaro 


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