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Afghans: Memories of the past!

In our many years of the Afghan experience, we here at Shawnlu have collected a great amount of material that is not readily available to the Afghan fancy today.  We would like to share this experience with all of you.  For some of you, this will bring back memories. To others this will give you a new slant on our afs of today. Each month we will have a new feature for your pleasure. The previous feature may be downloaded for your viewing if you missed it in "prime time". Some old documents may not be as clear as we would like them to be because of various reasons but still worth viewing. We may need your help in some identification and will appreciate any info on items that lack complete description. It may take a few extra minutes to get these articles on your computer; but, if you're into it this much it's well worth the wait!   Le & Carol

  Famous November 26, 1945, issue of "LIFE" Magazine with Rudiki on the cover; it also contains the article with pictures that are inside.  Has some interesting prices for Afghans considering todays higher price structure.

Foreign Contributions to Inaugural Issue of Afghan Parade.

 (England & Holland were the only two in this issue.)

Also the inside back cover -- a novelty to amuse and astonish!

Front & back cover of the Inaugural issue of AFGHAN PARADE. The first Afghan publication in America. Published in Riverside, California, subscription rate was $3.00 per year & $0.25 for additional copies. A full page advertising was $40.00. Note the postal rate on the back cover. See any familiar names?

Year 1955: Original copy of brochure from Kay Finch announcement of twin litters by CH. Ophaal of Crown Crest.


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