Ace and Cheereo Puppies - One Week Old

These puppies are all grown up now and 5 are champions and 2 are very near their championships.

Whelped 5/25/99

Fam Of Eight

Cheereo with her family of eight!

Although they look black here, they will be highly-marked Black & Silvers, except for the two Dominos.



The Domino Boy

Dom Girl

The Domino Girl

Together 1

The Girl and Boy Together

Together 2

Together Again

Not that we got carried away with the Dominos, but the Black and Silvers all look alike at this age.


B & S Red Rib

Black & Silver Girl


2 B & S

Black & Silver Girls


A Future JayHawker

Si Senor

Si Senor

Too Young

Gimme a break, I'm too young for this kind of stuff


The End!


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