TopGun Software

Space Commando 3

What is it?

It's a platform game created using Qbasic 4.5 and DirectQB v1.2. It promises to be the greatest game I've ever made! I plan on selling this game so the version that will be available for download will be SHAREWARE, if you want the full version you'll have to buy it.


- 320*200*256 resolution
- Amazing 3D worlds! - Over 95fps (on my p233)
- Great graphics!
- WAVE sound effects
- Cool background music
- A whole lot of levels
- Great animations
- Great story!!
- Loads of movie scenes
- And a whole lot more!

Screen Shot


About 40% done. Right now I'm working on the engine (90% done). I say 90% done because I'm still working on adding doors! After I'm done the engine, all I have to do is make some levels and title screen, etc...