Puppies sometimes available, so please feel free to contact us regarding this, or any enquiry you may have about our beautiful Shetland Sheepdogs.


 There may be a show coming up in your area, where you can visit, view and inquire to your hearts content. Please ask us about a fixture that may be coming up in a town near you.


 We would also appreciate any comments that you may have, they can be posted on our guestbook page.


 There are three Shetland Sheepdog clubs in New Zealnd, their names and contacts are as below:


The Shetland Sheepdog Club (inc)


(based in Auckland)


President: Mrs Charlene Ewing. Ph. (09) 233-6712  charfay@ihug.co.nz


Secretary: Miss Melanie Clerk.   Ph. (09) 579-7570  melanie.clerk@gribbles.co.nz




The Central Shetland Sheepdog Club


(based in Wellington)




President: Mrs Wendy Holmes. (06) 858-6220   scattald@clear.net.nz


Secretary: Mrs Barbara Hodson.  (04) 938-3166   bhodson@clear.net.nz




The South Island Shetland Sheepdog Club

 (based in Christchurch)


Secretary: Faye Rogers  (03) 3492872   banrac@ihug.co.nz