Show-dogs Judging


The Proof is in the pudding - so they say......


We became dedicated to our breed and to producing quality sound stock. They say the best judge of what you are doing is your peers so we undertook to take part in learning and studying to become judges. As judges you also grasp an increased depth and understanding of your own breed, and all dogs for that matter, an aspect that as a team we feel has made us better exhibitors and better breeders.

 Education is the name of the game and after passing the relevant exams Ray became an International All Breeds and Specialist Breed Judge in 1992. Judging dogs and especially your own breed, makes you appreciate other breeders dogs attributes, and drives you to become better. Judging is something we both enjoy, although "life on the road judging" is not always the high style living and romantic pastime of international travel that it often portrays.


I have landed in overeas airports at some un-godly hour of the morning, where no-one is in sight to meet me. I have made my own way to the hotel/motel & have just waited for things to fall into place. Then there are times when we see breath taking sights, like landing in the snow at Helsinki airport in Finland, or being privy to the fall in Canada, where the brilliant colours of the leaves of the tress are simply indescribable.


Lee is an International Group and Specialist Breed Judge in Working and Hounds, with aspirations to attain further groups. 

She doesn't want to go as far as All Breeds - Lee says that one Allbreeder in the family is enough.


Judging is a huge privilege and is always a learning curve, and we have been fortunate to have judged all over the world including:-


 New Zealand (including group 5 at our own prestigous National dog show), Australia(all states), South Africa, Canada, Scandinavia, Ireland, Asia and Europe.

Ray has also been honoured with judging two Royal dog shows in Australia, the Queensland Royal & the Canberra Royal.

Our last International appointment was in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. What a fabulous time we had, we were hosted liked royalty and had a memorable days judging. What ever the travel brochures say about the beaches, sand and surf in Rio, well it is all true!