Big Foot

            While no one is really sure if Big Foot exists, there are many believers in the possibility of one.  Most of these believers have reported sightings of these massive beasts, thus they’re belief in them.  Amazingly enough the sightings reported all show many similarities, from the way Big Foot stood and walked to the look of the face. 

            Reported sightings have shown that Big Foot walks upright like a human, but slightly bent at the knee and stooped at the shoulder in a way that a human does not.  The hair of a Big Foot is usually said to be short to medium length and of darker color.  Very few witnesses have reported about the ears because the way the hair covers them and the forehead. 

            The only part of the animal that is reportedly not covered with hair is the face.  Faces are usually described as flat and there has never been a sighting of a prominent nose.  Mouths are often large with thin lips.  Some of the most interesting reports about the face have to do with the eyes.  Almost all witnesses that have been close enough to see the eyes have said they glowed.

            Whether a fairy tale or an actual species, Big Foot will always be thought of slightly differently in everyone’s minds.  Hopefully this article will give us all a better insight into what Big Foot could possible be like.        

This project was developed by Sophomore students at Sandpoint High School for the 2001 University of Idaho EdTechQuest.  Contact us if you have any questions or comments.