A Brief Description of Lotus Flowers  

            Lotus flowers are a perennial aquatic flower that can grow almost anywhere in the United States.  They are somewhat temperamental plants in the sense that they need at least two months of 75 to 85 degree weather, but donít do well in the Deep South because of the humidity. 

            While there are many different types of lotus flowers there are only two wild species.  The rest are called hybrids.  The size and shape of the flowers vary between types, but on average they produce a blue-gray leaf that range anywhere between 12 and 30 inches in diameter, and a flower that varies between four to 12 inches in diameter and two and a half to six feet high.  There are some dwarf lotus flowers that produce blossoms two to four inches in diameter that stand 10 to 12 inches off the ground.  The blossom of the lotus it usually white with deep pink or red tips.  Depending on how long the flower has been open, however, the color can change slightly.

This project was developed by Sophomore students at Sandpoint High School for the 2001 University of Idaho EdTechQuest.  Contact us if you have any questions or comments.