The Odyssey: The Siren's Isle

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  1. What advice did Circe give Odysseus before he left the Island

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    To end his journey and turn around.
    To plug his ears as he passed the Sirens.
    To listen to the Sirens' music.
    To stay on Circe's Island forever.

  2. What did Circe give Odysseus before he left the island

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  3. What did Odysseus do with the gift?

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    make candles.
    plug their ears.
    throw overboard.

  4. How did the crew keep Odysseus from jumping into the ocean

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    plug his ears with wax.
    put him below deck.
    tied him to the mast.

  5. What did the Sirens offer Odysseus if he succombed to their music

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    fame and fortune.
    food and water.
    wisdom and knowledge.
    Penelope's company.

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