Troy Quiz

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  1. What two armies were fighting the Trojan War?
  2. Your answer:
    Greek vs. Roman
    Trojan vs. Athenian
    Greek vs. Trojan
    Trojan vs. Roman

  3. Which two gods sided with the Greek army?
  4. Your answer:
    Poseiden and Zeus
    Zeus and Athena
    Achilles and Theseus
    Poseiden and Athena

  5. What did the Odysseus and the gods come up with to beat the enemy?
  6. Your answer:
    a superior weapon.
    a wooden horse.
    a fatal disease.
    a big bomb.

  7. Why were the gods angry at the Greek army?
  8. Your answer:
    Because they weren't thanked enough.
    Because they got sick.
    Because they lost the war.
    Because they messed up the plan.

  9. What did the gods do to punish the Greek army?
  10. Your answer:
    They killed the army.
    They starved the army.
    They burned their ships.
    They blew their ships off course.

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