Flukers Farms + ReptilianClassifieds.com = Animal Exports to Asian Food Markets?

Looking for clarification...

by Melissa Kaplan, 10/31/2002

Recently, many herpers were spammed by a new web service, reptilianclassifieds.com. Some of us don't like spammers, especially when it appears that they compile their mailing lists by spidering message boards. In looking into this particular company, some disturbing coincidences were found:

ReptileRepublic.com (Fluker Farms International) was registered by:

FFI's phone number is also the number for:

The ReptilianClassifieds.com was registered by:

China Foods/ReptilianClassifieds phone number is also the number for:

FFI/SYS Reptile Farms is also registered as doing business under the following name and addresses:

Note that this is the address for Fluker Farms Internations (FFI) and ReptileRepublic.com, and the same phone number for FFI, ReptileRepublic, and SYS Reptile Farms.

Note that this address appears to be next door to SYS Reptiles and is the same phone number as that of SYS Reptile Farms, Iguanas Tropicales, Fluker Farms International, and ReptileRepublic.

According to ElSalvadorTrade.com.sv, Sr. Melendez also does business as:

Per ElSalvadorTrade.com.sv, Fluker Farms International (FFI) imports live animals and "therapeutic products" (?) into El Salvador, and exports live iguanas.

Des Wong has done the lion share of finding the above information. If anyone has more information on the connection between FFI (and all it's DBAs) and China Food/ReptilianClassifieds.com, please let us know.

And then there's the question: would you, as a herp keeper looking to sell or trade any of your reptiles, consider doing so on a classifieds service owned by a company called China Foods whose phone number is also that of a Chinese restaurant?

As many people know, I am well aware and have no problem with the diversity of what people around the world eat. I do mind if what they are eating is an endangered or threatened species, especially when the animal is killed solely to be consumed for aphrodisiac or "medical" reasons. If someone wants or needs to eat lizard or snake or whatever, that's fine, too, so long as the animal is killed humanely and as much of the animal and its remains are used (rather than, say, slaughtering a shark for its fin, a bear for its gall bladder, or a tegu because its skin makes such a nice watch band).

However, I do have a problem with an individual or corporate entity obtaining the animals or facilitating the acquisition of pet animals under false pretenses. So, if anyone can help shed some light on these connections, please let me know.

There is also a discussion about ReptilianClassifieds.com on FaunaClassifieds.com See also Fluker Farms takes a Web site gamble with "Reptile Republic".