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Pets are more likely to suffer lacerations and soft tissue traumas than any other type of accidental injury, but also frequently ingest foreign objects, suffer fractures and ingest poison, according to an analysis of 2002 veterinary claims submitted to Veterinary Pet Insurance (Brea, CA).

"Just like children, pets are unable to understand the hazards of household chemicals, anti-freeze, toxic plants, electrical cords and other dangerous objects arouond the house," said Jack Stephens, D.V.M. founder and chief executive officer of VPI.

According to Stephens, owners should pet-proof their homes and keep their veterinary clinic's contact information near the phone. For emergencies after normal clinic hours, telephone and address information for pet emergency facilities should be handy.

Top Ten Pet Injuries

When pets have mishaps, their injuries can range from relatively simple cuts and scrapes to life-threatening fractures.

  1. Fracture repair w/stainless steel plate - $1740.00
  2. Gastric tortion/bloat - 1736.89
  3. Gastric foreign body (surgery) - $1209.74
  4. Antifreeze ingestion or poisoning - $ 578.42
  5. Insecticide toxicity - $ 493.00
  6. Multiple lacerations - $ 441.73
  7. Snail bait ingestion - $ 423.75
  8. Ingestion of household chemicals - $ 270.84
  9. Single laceration - $ 205.32
  10. Soft tissue trauma - $ 195.52

    Source: Veterinary Pet Insurance