Parazap - All-natural parasite control formula for reptiles

Para-Zap is a unique blend of naturally occurring ingredients known to control parasites. Simply dust crickets or greens with this powder. Or brew a "tea" by mixing the powder with water. Detailed instructions are provided with every jar.

There's no longer any reason to subject your reptile to harmful medicines with terrible side effects. Para-Zap won't destroy beneficial gut flora and doesn't cause appetite loss like most prescription medicines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Safe and Effective Parasite Control!
Para-Zap Natural Parasite Control
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Para-ZAP is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Frequently Asked Questions about Para-Zap

Because Para-zap is made of 100% natural ingredients, overdosing is not a concern. Para-zap is a food supplement, not a medicine or drug. It allows the reptiles body to gently eliminate the parasites. Para-zap contains ingredients that revitalize the intestinal track to increase the absorption of food which makes your reptile more healthy. We have received many reports of reptile owners seeing an increase in the appetite after giving Para-zap for a few days. Slow growing or lethargic reptiles benefit greatly from a few doses of Para-zap. You can find a method that works for you. If you choose the tea method and your dragon refuses to take it-do not force him. We have found that they will take their fill. You can drop it on their nose and let them lick it off. Some have found that their reptile will not eat their vegies if they are coated with Para-zap, others seem to prefer it that way. Some owners make the tea and put it in the water bowl and their dragon will drink it this way. You can discover what is right for you. We do not recommend giving it every day for long periods of time. Most have found that a five day regimine is enough, do this once a month. If your dragon has parasites, you may want to give the tea method for 7 to 10 days. You should see a decrease in the parasites after that time. Because the Coccidia parasite is usually present when there are other parasites, you may see a dramatic difference in the Coccidia count! Coccidia usually increases with stress. The reptile is stressed from the presence of parasites, so eliminating the cause of the stress almost always helps reduce the coccidia count. If your dragon has been on Albon or some of the other drugs for parasites, give them para-zap. It will help with the appetite and help to increase the energy level.