The Herps & Habitats Bearded Dragon Pedialyte Information Page

PEDIALYTE & Beardies: Recipes and Hints

These recipe may be used in place of an over-the-counter product (Pedialyte).

Recipe #1:

Pour together and shake well. (Keep it refrigerated and use within 48 hours).

Recipe #2:

Pour together and shake well. (Keep it refrigerated and use within 48 hours).
Please note: The following warning is an exerpt from a dragon forum... "pedialyte can be VERY dangerous if too much is given to a small animal, the pharmacist she spoke w/recommended instead giving a homemade sugar water mixture. I have given my iggie this mixture and he has perked up. The formula is:

Look here to see a chart for rehydrating lizards and for more information about hydrating lizards by Tricia Power. View another comprehensive article on Fluids & Fluid Therapy in Reptiles by well-known reptile expert Melissa Kaplan.

Treating an animal that isn't eating or drinking

Smaller Dragons: Use an eyedropper (your pharmacist should be able to supply you). I do not use glass droppers. Drip food (such as Gerber baby food, chicken flavour with a calcium D3 supplement added daily and a multivitamin supplement once a week) and/ or liquids (such as water, Pedialyte or diluted apple juice) on the animal's nose, taking care not to get any in the nostrils. A dragon will usually respond by automatically licking the 'dirty' area. You can then continue to provide nourishment this way until the animal recovers of regains its former vitality and appetite.

Larger Dragons: A syringe without the needle (again, talk to your local pharmacist) is the best and safest method. Place the filled syringe against the side of the jaw towards and lever gently inwards and upwards so as to either force the jaws open or encourage the dragon to open its mouth. Once the dragon has the syringe in its mouth, you can empty the syringe into its mouth - but be carefull not to do this too quickly or you may get food or liquid into the windpipe.

The Albon will inhibit the dragon's normal gut flora (bacteria), so to prevent a secondary infection from other bacteria, either feed natural yogurt or Acidophilus (both are available in health food stores.

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