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The article that appears below is from The Salt Lake Tribune front page news, 4/28/03. It is regarding contaminated lettuce that is currently in circulation. I wanted you to be aware of the article, the problem and the chemical perchlorate. The major part of the problem seems to center in the California, Nevada and Arizona areas, but perchlorateit is apparently something we should all be made MORE aware of.

What is Perchlorate?

Perchlorate is both a naturally occurring and man-made chemical. Most of the perchlorate manufactured in the United States is used as the primary ingredient of solid rocket propellant. Perchlorate is also used in the manufacture of matches, flares, pyrotechnics, ordnance, and explosives, and in analytical chemistry. Wastes from the manufacture and improper disposal of perchlorate-containing chemicals are increasingly being discovered in soil and water.

In reading the article and about how perchlorate affects human infants and embryos, I thought that perchlorate probably is killing young dragons by the droves without the owners being aware of the problem, particularly with the increase in talk on the forums about neuro-based diseases and thyroid problems. Might be the answer a lot of those "What did I do wrong, one day he was just dead..." posts, as well as perhaps explain the massive amount of "calcium shakes" posts during the winter time. These could well be perchlorate caused, and a further study of this should be undertaken immediately.

If the human tolerance is put at 2-6 ppb, and the lettuce samples are topping out at 70 ppb, it has to be drastically affecting the lizards whose body weight is vastly smaller than ours. I also think this situation should be critically assessed by pet owners other than reptile keepers to include bird, fish and rodents owners that should be made aware of perchlorate.

Read more about perchlorate at the EPA website, also be sure to read the latest issue of the Perchlorate News. Earth Crash Earth Spirit has a great web site about perchlorate that also deserves a look.

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