Raynor Dogleg :
'Raynor Prize Dogleg' was first introduced at Lido as the 6th hole. The MacKenzie hole (18th) received all the headlines as the winner of the Macdonald/Lido design contest, but I'm not sure it was ever reproduced again. The Raynor Prize Dog-Leg was an adaptation of the third place entry, and was such an effective design Seth used it as the most difficult par-4 on his courses. Charlie Banks followed suit. The basic strategy of the hole is a dog-leg off the tee that played to echelon bunkers. If the heroic (longer) carry was successful, the golfer was rewarded with an opportunity to carry yet another hazard to the green. However, if the second hazard could not be carried, the player was forced to lay up, leaving a long third shot to a par-4 (normally in the 440-yard range - imagine that play in the 1920's). At Lido, it seems only long hitting Abe Mitchell could consistently carry the wide second hazard (completely over off-fairway wasteland). In essence, this hole played as a par five for most. Unfortunately, most of the approach hazards have been covered over, and even with major bunkering removed, these gems are often the hardest par-4 on the course.
The 15th Hole at Yeaman's Hall. Courtesy of GCA.Com
The 4th hole at Myopia. Courtesy of GCA.Com
The green complex of the 4th hole at Myopia. Courtesy of GCA.Com