Jurong Reptile Park

The Jurong Reptile Park is a park that is newly opened last year. It is the region’s largest reptile park. It is also home to more than 300 over cold-blooded animals . Almost half of the inhabitants are poisonous so if you ever visit that place especially with young kids ,please be extra careful of signs that say "Poisonous animals ,enter at your own risk!"

Now let me name you some interesting animals. One of them is the Green Iguana .It looks like an extra large lizard with very rough skin. It can kill its prey or predator with its tail with one forceful blow! It also threatens victims several time larger than its own size!

Let me name one more cold-blooded reptile , the cobra . It is a very poisonous snake that we do not wish to meet. However if you ever meet one , stay motionless ,do not move at all as a cobra can easily outrun you and you should know the consequences if that ever happen !


If you want to see reptile shows and feedings , here are the time slots.

10.30am 11.45am 2pm 5pm

reptile live reptile live reptile live reptile

feeding show show show

 How to get there ?

Alight at Boon Lay MRT station

Board bus no.194 and 251

Alight at the Jurong Bird Park bus-stop

Adult = $7.00

Child = $3.00