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UPDATED 4th May 2008
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P-DA28-45 Standard Universal Digiscoping Adaptor (Suitable 28-45mm O.D.) $65AUD
P-DA43-65 Large Universal Digiscoping Adaptor (Suitable 43-65mm O.D.) $70AUD
P-EX2 2" Extender Tube $75AUD
P-EXFLT 4" Extender for FLT series (110 and 132) $75AUD
P-PA2 2" Photo Adaptor $63AUD
P-SCT2A 2" Opener Adaptor for SCT (with SCT on one side) or 2" Extender for all ZS66 Series (fits 2" Photo Adaptor) $63AUD
P-FLAT2 2" APO Field Flattner 0.8x Reducer for refractors includes 2" Adaptor $187AUD
P-FLAT68 New TMB designed field flattener for 110mm TMB lens (FLT110). Works with FLT 132 too! 68mm clear aperture $451AUD
P-FLAT3 NEW 2" APO Field Flattner 0.8x Reducer for refractors includes 2" Adaptor - New modular design and optical design - Megrez 90mm, 110mm, FLT 110 $242AUD
P-STL STL CCD Cameras flanged adaptor for usage with the P-FLAT68 FLT Field Flattener $115AUD
P-VR2 2 Violet reducer filter for Achromatic Telescopes $60AUD

K-Z66S Soft Carrying Bag for ZenithStar 66mm $110AUD
K-Z80B Backpack for M80II or ZenithStar 80 F/6 $110
K-Z66A ZS66 Aluminium Case $143AUD
K-M72 New Back Pack for M72 (Pearl White) $198AUD
K-ZM80A ZS80 or M80 Aluminium Case $170AUD
K-Z105A ZS105 F/7 Aluminium Case $320AUD

M-PV Vixen Style Dovetail Plate (fits EZT, Vixen, Orion, SkyWatcher, Celestron, TeleVue) 9x19.5x3cm $78AUD
M-PS Saddle Plate only (Losmandy Style) $121AUD
M_PD William Optics Dovetail only (Losmandy Style) $110AUD
M-PCOMB WO Combo Plate (Saddle Plate and Dovetail) $209AUD
M-PVL New Long Version Vixen Style Dovetail Plate (Fits EZT, Vixen, Orion, Synta etc.) $110AUD
M-F6X30-W 6x30mm Erecting Finderscope (white) - No Illuminator $110AUD
M-F6X30-B 6x30mm Erecting Finderscope (black) - No Illuminator $110AUD
M-F7X50-W 7x50mm Erecting Finderscope (White) $198AUD
M-FB 50mm Finderscope Bracket for 6x30mm and 7x50mm Finderscope fits ZS 66, ZS80, ZS105/110 and FLT 110 $110AUD
M-GUIDE A pair of OD 100mm guiding rings includes 3 points adjustment, it fits ZS80, M80, ZS66 and other small refractors $128AUD
M-M80R-S 90mm Mounting Rings Silver finished $143AUD
M-M105R-B 114mm Mounting Rings fits Z105, ZS110, M110, Black finished $212AUD
M-M110R-W 115mm Mounting Rings, white powder painted finish for FLT $220AUD
M-RB Bracket with Base only (No Red Dot Finder) $49AUD
M-RDF Red Dot Finder only (no base) $68AUD
M-RDF-P Red Dot Finder with Quick Release Bracket and Base $112AUD
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William Optics Mounting Universal Combo Plate (Saddle Plate & Dovetail)
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