Haunted Halls of Eveningstar

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Welcome to the picturesque village of Eveningstar, nestled at the foot of the Stonelands where the River Starwater winds down a gorge and snakes into the King's Forest.

Here, the Knights of Myth Drannor began their famous adventures. Here, the Ladies of the Brazen Blade, The Company of the Singing Sword, The Steel Shield Band, and many others came, clutching royal charters from King Azoun with the ink scarcely dry on the parchment. Some fell, some went to greatness—but they all came here first: here, to the Haunted Halls.

Despite numerous infiltrations, the Halls have not yet yielded all their secrets or treasures. Many dangers lurk as deadly as ever in dark chambers herein, awaiting new companies of eager-eyed adventurers.

Is it your turn to dare The Haunted Halls? Many come, but few survive to again see Eveningstar's beauty.

Taken from the back panel of FRQ1 The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar

Latest News

25 Jul 02
It's been over a year since the last update, many more things have changed with the release of more 3E Forgotten Realms sourcebooks and it's past time to get things going again. This entire site is in dire need of update, but please be aware that the updates are going to take some time since I'm so far behind.
I'm currently working on a project involving the Isle of Prespur (among other things—visit the 3rd Edition Adventures in Cormyr message board for details) but once that is well under way I'll start on Eveningstar again.
For general information on what's happening in Eveningstar and Cormyr these days visit the message board.
30 Jun 01
The 3rd Edition Adventures in Cormyr message board has been pretty quiet. Don't be shy, folks. I know that there are more than a few people campaigning in Cormyr. The annoying ads are now gone, so let us know what you're up to. I've made a minor update to the Resources section and corrected its Errata page. I added the short stats for a couple of 'Important Characters' that I overlooked in my late night work on the Eveningstar profile in the Welcome to Eveningstar section.
28 Jun 01
I've opened a message board for discussion of 3rd Edition campaigns in Cormyr. Give it a peek and share your thoughts. I've noticed just how much I left out of the basic profile for Eveningstar. My only excuse is that it was 11:30 pm as I was finishing, I was tired, and my eyes were half-closed! 8) I decided that this site needs a facelift, which may be done over the weekend along with the continuation of the Eveningstar profile.
26 Jun 01
I've updated the Resources section to include some items overlooked previously and made some minor corrections to that section. I've made some minor adjustments to the NPC profile for Tessaril Winter. I did't complete the profile on Charisbonde Belon, since I got busy improving and updating the Welcome to Eveningstar section and making numerous minor updates to the rest of the site. I'll be getting the rest of the 'Welcome to Eveningstar' section ready (goods and services and a brief history timeline) before I do any more NPC profiles.

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If you have suggestions, corrections, or material you would like to add, contact ~Randel~, infrequent scribe to Mellomir the Sage and Herald-in-training.


I would like to thank George Krashos, Bryon Wischstadt, Grant Christie, Ed Greenwood and Eric Boyd for answering an endless barrage of questions and "letting me in on the secrets" to so many things regarding Eveningstar, the Haunted Halls, and Cormyr, and a special thank you goes to Kim Moser for helping my questions be heard.

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