Our Lady of Clearwater

The following pictures were taken at a site in Clearwater Florida.  The image of the Blessed Mother first became evident in the year of 1996.   This building was formerly a bank.  I was told that this site was chosen, to let people see that greed and lust for money has taken over our thoughts and being.  I remember that this particular bank did foreclosures on homes.  After that a Used Car dealer, took it over.  They did not have good luck and had to move on.  (This car dealership has been very successful at another landmark.)   That is when the Shepherds of Christ Ministries leased the building.  This is the website address for anyone who would like to look over the website in full.........URL: http://www.sofC.org           Enjoy.
The titles and captions are my own, received to me- through thought.   Morning Star*

~This is My Son~

This is my Son, who suffered for you ~
that you might have "Life Eternal."
To you he gave the Universe,
that All shall be prosperous and generous in Heart.

~Mother of The Universe~

I look out upon the Heavens and I see;
the Stars, the Moons and Planets.
The Universe is travailing and I am United with my Spirit.

The sun shines down upon you and you do not feel it's warmth.
Let it embrace you ~ as I do.
For you are all My Children and I am
The Mother of the Universe ~ whose love is unending.

Peace be unto the Nations.
One Nation ~ under God
Forever and an Eternity.

~The Promise of a New Day~

"Unsettled are the Hearts of Man.
Never expecting what can befall ~ in the blink of an eye.

Heed my messages - loud and clear.
The future is yours,
but my Heart you must keep near."

(This picture depicts that the window is brightly lit.  On this day of prayer, people noticed that the image began to get brighter and brighter and they began to take pictures.  A rainbow appeared, after the message for the day was given . . . . . March 21, 2001 appearance.)

~Sorrowful  Jesus~

"The hairs on your head are numbered and
the days are growing shorter."
(this face of Jesus appeared during a rosary on Feb. 5, 2001)

~I AmTheAlpha And The Omega~
(The beginning and the end.)

~Blessed are the Children~

"For they shall inherit the Kingdom of God."

~The Blessed Mother ~

Pray for us now and at the hour of our death.

(I think it's interesting to note, that the rose is right over her heart.)