Troop 415 Members

Scout Master - Kevin Fisher

Assistant Scout Masters

Jennie Fisher

Wayne Harms (WebDesigner)

Committee Members (List not completed at time of publishing this page, please be patient)


Charter Representative - Monsignor Stephen A. Frost of Christ the King Church located @ 1800 Bedford Way in Oildale, Ca

 F l a m  i n g  D r a g o n s

      Name                  Rank            Date of Rank                  Leader Position

                              Jason Davidson          Star               1/24/2000                        Assist SPL

                              Aaron Neal                Scout             5/13/2000                       Assist Ptl Ldr

                              Billy Wright                Scout             5/13/2000            

                              Jimmy Wright             New


D o l p h i n s

                               Jack Frankhouser      Scout             5/13/2000                       Ptrl Leader

                               Kevin Harms             Scout             1/24/2000                       Ptrl Leader

                               Joel Fisher                Scout              5/13/2000                       Assist Ptrl Leader

                               Paul Neal                  Scout              5/13/2000                      Assist Ptrl Leader

                               Stephen Billington      New

                               Clayton Breshears     New

                                Thomas Freckleton   New

                                Jeremy James           New

                                PJ Nichols                New


D e v i l  D o g s

                                 William Neal           Scout              5/13/2000                      Sen. Ptrl Leader

                                 William H. Sharp     1st Class         6/11/1998                     Sen. Ptrl Leader

                                  Jeffrey Dahlstrom    Life                5/13/2000                     Assist SPL

                                 Anthony Smith         New                                                    Ptrl Leader

                                 Demetrio DeLeon    New

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