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Welcome to

This site is a tribute to the most popular 80's computer:

This is a collection of screenshots from opening screens, mid-games and ending sequences from various spectrum games.

You can view that games you used to play for days (sometimes weeks!), and can't remember their names...
And most of all, take a look at the ending sequences screenshots.
Always wanted to see the ending of your preferred game?
Maybe it's here!

If you want to see some screenshot(s) not listed here, mail me!

Note that these pages contain A LOT OF GRAPHICS, so please be patient!! :)

To the gallery...


Currently online:

861 opening screens
749 mid-games screenshots
81 ending sequences

Opening Screens



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There are no snapshots available to download in this site.
You can find them, more information and emulators on the following ones:

CRASH magazine: The Online Edition
The World of Spectrum


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