Airwolf Exolon Monty Mole Roland's Rat Race
Alchemist Fahrenheit 3000 Monty On The Run Roller Coaster
Alien Highway Encounter 2 Feud Nebulus Saboteur
Ant Attack Frankenstein 2000 Nemesis Sabre Wulf
Antics Ghostbusters Night Shade Silkworm
Arctic Football Grange Hill Olli & Lissa Skool Daze
Arkanoid 2 Hampstead Penetrator Sly Spy
Atic Atac Herbert's Dummy Run Pentagram Starquake
Back To Skool Highway Encounter Poker Stop the Ita Express
Back To The Future Impossible Mission Popeye Strontium Dog
Batman Jack and the Beanstalk Pyjamarama Terramex
Beach Head Jet Set Willy II Quackshot Terrormolinos
Booty Jumping Jack Quest for the Holy Joystick Time Scanner
Bruce Lee Knightlore Raid over Moscow Trashman
Cavelon Kokotoni Wilf Rainbow Islands Travel With Trashman
Chase H.Q. Livingstone,I Presume II Revolution Turmoil
Cookie Manic Miner Rex Underwurlde
Cybernoid Marsport Rick Dangerous 2 Universal Hero
Dan Dare Mined Out Rocky Horror Show Wheelie
Defender Of The Crown Monty Is Innocent Rogue Trooper Wizball

This section contain screenshots from ending sequences.
The screens are organized in the following order:

If you can finish a game, send a snapshot or some screenshots to me!
Your name and/or e-mail/homepage will be put togheter with the screens.

Also, if you are one of the guys who finished these games and want to include your mail/homepage here,
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