Hello! My Name is Jennifer and you want to know something about me? Hum, let's see. Ok I am from Ky. Feel like you know me now? Not quiet you say? Ok then I enjoy singing and listening to Southern Gospel Music, I like shopping (boy do I ever like to shop), and I love my internet time.

I am the oldest of 4 kids and my family is close and I am truly blessed with great parents and great siblings. I have alot of friends and have met many more on the internet some which I feel like I have known forever.

What do I collect you ask? Well besides CD's, I love frog figurines and porcelain Dolls and I collect pictures and autographs (they are my pride and joy). My Pets? Shucks, y'all think of it all--We have one small shih-tzu dog named Darcy. Ok My favorite color is UK BLUE (GO Cats). My favorite food is Macaroni and Cheese. My favorite drink V8 Splash tropical blend! Try it it is good!!!!!! My Favorite Movie is Gone With The Wind. My favorite Book is The Bible and I like all the Chicken Soup Books, but for outside material I like the book Wings.

My favorite music group is the ISAACS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In case 'ya don't know me, Sonya is my hero. My favorite song is "From The Depths of My Heart" by the one and only Isaacs. What do I want to do with my life? I want to sing Southern Gospel Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Job....well I was in telecommunications and may return to the field someday but for now I am enjoying being a DJ in training at a local SG station.

Ok if there is anything else ya want to know you will have to email me to ask!


Well y'all already heard this too! I like to sing and write and listen to music. I also like to travel and I love to watch UK Basketball!!!!!!!!!!! I love chatting with my friends and talking on the phone. My favorite store to shop at is Bath and Body Works. My Favorite Restaraunt is...well I am gonna say Cracker Barrell and I love the pancakes!
Well I have 2 brothers and a sister (none of which have their own pages) and you already heard about my dog so this is gonna be a very short paragraph.


My friends are the most awesome
friends in the entire world!
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