Elena's Page

Whatís new, you ask? Well, since I am making this my final page, it will have a little bit of everything! There a possibilities for ZOIDS to have itís own page in the very near future. Iím working on horoscopes (that are slightly more realistic than those posted on Fleagleís page, no offense to Fleagle). I know some of them, but Iím trying to figure out what sign is ruled by what planetÖso the horoscope thing is under construction. The old Redwall RP may indeed have itís own page. It will be made in memory of Camp Willow and the D.O.M.B! IF ANYONE HAS SEEN GREYSTRIPE LET ME KNOW!!!!!! Larry may have his own chat soonÖfor those of you who know Larry. For those of you who donít, heís our invisible Komodo Dragon. Larry is very involved in Komodo Dragon conservation at the moment. UmÖfor those of you who miss the DDC (Dark Dragonís Cavern), I have moved the ruins here for your enjoyment, although both the High and Low Council have been dissolved. Letís seeÖoh, yeah, I have the complete list of AC/DC lyrics on the main page right now, but it will be moved soon. The Catwoman gallery has also found a new place, check it out if you want to wait for it to load (it takes forever on some computers). Iím working on getting a couple new pages up. All right, if there are any problems, please contact me! And feel free to copy and paste AC/DC lyrics, but PLEASE copy the copyright info as well!!!!!

My Links and Chat

The Feline Fatale Chat
Come and chat! We can also talk about things other than Catty...I guess!
Catwoman Complete
A great source of all things catwoman! I highly reccomend!
The Ruins of THe DDC
Only mages and dragons may enter!
General Chat
Talk about anything!
Zoids Battle Room
Only warriors with Zoids may enter!
The Catwoman Gallery
THis was moved to a new place to save time!
We Luv Giraffes
My giraffe site
The Lair of Larry
The home of Elena's invisible Komodo Dragon!
Redwall RP
Come here to RP!

The catwoman gallery has been moved.