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The Kiki Corvette
Shingo Miya's ship; SH

The 'Kiki' was a small SAC ship, a fast corvette, stripped of most of its weapons, carrying some of the best sensors designs the SAC could provide. It was Shingo's first command, and he was more than a little proud.

Game stats: x 100 Scale Starship , MA 24, 30.000 Tn, MV -1 (honest! unscaled weight 13.8 Tn + Fuel!), 414.000 CP

Shunt & Fast Sublight drives, Space Hidraulics (+1 Space), Space protection, B-Grade (14+1d10) crew - x2.75 cost multiplier.

Center Hull - Striker Torso, 400 K, 9 Spc (200 Kills traded for spaces), SP 70, DC 10 unscaled armor
- Mecha bay: flight of 4 Mecha, 1 picket-duty starfighter, shuttle (x10 scale).
- Crew section (90 men).
- 250 Tn cargo (a year's food & water suply, spare parts, mek ammo and 50 Tn to spare!)
- MgHvy sensors, ASP, Tgt. & Radio/radar analizer, x128 res. intenssifiers, Level 5 ECCM, 11 spc eff.
- Pop-Out Gauss CIDS (Same as the Deltaboat Cutter; 10 K, BV inf, range 13, 360 º, x1 scale, Var. anti-missile, 10 Kills, etc...)
- Gauss Battery (50 K, x10 Scale, +0 WA, 50 range, 50 Kills) w/ 20 shots of AP ammo.
- Spotting radar in external mount.
- +3 Tech annalizer, 3 Spotlights, E-pod, QCM & E-sys for powerplant, Stereo (Shame on you if not!), docking clamps (micro manipulators).

Thruster blocks - 2 x Striker pods w/ SP 50, DC 10 unscaled armor each.
- Thrusters: 6,9 Spc on each Pod
- 375.000 Km Reaction mass

Notes: It has more hull SP that a Master class cruiser but hey, it's less space to cover with the same plating and less armor total. The ECCM (better for a scout ship that ECM, I guess) was set at exactly 1 less that Sloop John B.'s (surprise, surprise!). Liberal ussage of space eff. on sensors represents extreme quality electronics.The only main battery is able to hold off a battlerider, but not of spar with a cruiser.

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SAC frigate, 'Juliet' class.

A scort ship, with almost three hundred meters keel lenght, a boxy shape and massing just below 40.000 metric tons.

Designed for convoy duty, she has powerful weapons for her size but is not as powerful as a cruiser. She's also a somewath slow (althoug still faster that most scorted civilian ships) and short-ranged (not being spected to engange on the extended missions a cruiser is sometimes asigned to) ship . This ship is intended to (and is more that capable of) deal with any pirate raider who atacks her convoy; altough it has a pair of mecha for recon and picket duty, she depends on the suits carried by other convoy's members against mecha atacks.

Game stats: x 100 Scale Starship , MA 12, 38.000 Tn, MV -X, 126.180 CP;
Shunt & Fast Sublight drives, Space Hidraulics (+1 Space), Space protection, B-Grade (14+1d10) crew; x2,6 Total cost multiplier.

Center Hull - Striker Torso, 600 K, 7 Spc, SP 70, DC 10 unscaled armor
- Rotating Crew section (90 men).
- 2 x Medium Starbolts (500 K, WA +1, Range 225, W-Up 1, 500 Kills each), FF Fire Arc
- 2 x Naval Gauss Howitzers (50 K, x10 Scale, +0 WA, 50 range, 20 shots each, 50 Kills each, Kinetic ammo), one F Fire Arc, the other R Fire Arc
- QCM & E-Sys for Powerplant
Superstructure - Striker "Head", 300 Kills, SP 50 DC 10 unscaled armor
- Mecha bay: 2 picket-duty starfighters or interceptors
- Bridge, Sickbay, Striker sensors, scape pods, spotlight, damage control, Stereo, Spoting Radar on mount
Thruster blocks - 2 x Striker pods, SP 50, DC 10 unscaled armor each.
- Light Torpedoes Launchers x 2 (100 K, WA +0, range 110, 10 shots each, 65 Kills each, Smart-2, skill 9, x10 scale), one on each block.
- Naval Gauss Turrets x2 (10 K, WA +0, range 30, 25 shots each, 10 Kills each, BV 5, x10 scale), one on each block
- Cargo bays: 225 Tn on each block, docking clamps (micro manipulators) x2
- Thrusters: 1 Spc on each block
- 100.000 Km Reaction mass

The most famous Juliet-class frigate is the Perth, comanded by Lieutenant Commander Dawn Collins, who deserted the SAC to join the Starblade Battalion on 2180.07.17.
The Perth's Shunt drive was given cloacking capabilities (Game Note: total cost 140200 CP) just after the battle at Deon.

Notes: It has more hull SP that a Master class cruiser but hey, it's less space to cover with the same plating and less armor total. The Starbolts are standard SAC ones (one less that a Master-class cruiser). We know the Perth to have 2 Gauss guns big enough to be worth firing at a carrier, but not able to overcome 90 SP armor; it also has the same anti-mek Gauss armament as a Journeymen-class battlerider (the ones it used to kill the MS mecha at Deon). [Actually, on Deon the Perth just fired its normal gauss cannons and starbolts from orbit, turning the area where the MS suits were into a landscape evocative of the moon, and really ruining the Midnight Sun's day; SH] A few torps never hurts, and are SAC's standard armament.

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Calabim Cruiser

Any company dealing with the SAC, and the USSA, is often hampered by the Gaian philosophy when it comes to product design. Bahn/Zai's newest Team, Kitbash, discovered this when they tired to sell the Wyvern. While it was a suprerior suit in many ways, it simply was not a design that was environmentally firendly. As such it never saw mass production and Bahn/Zai lost a large amount of money on the deal.

Kimble Industries, a small ship building company, was aware of this sort of thinking when they put forth their design for a new SAC crusier. While they were not the only company bidding on the cotract, they were ultimately successful. The problem all of the comapanies ran into was the same. A vessle that met the specs needed for the war ship were, like the Wyvern, not environmentally freindly enough. Those that met the Gaian's desires lacked something in military usefullness.

Kimble dealt with this problem by producing not one ship design, but two. The Calabim Cruiser and the Ofanim Cruiser. The Calabim outclassed every cruiser currently fielded by either the ODF or the SAC (the Ruby Cruisers had much better armour and were able to hold their own against Calabims) when it came to weapon systems and defensive measures. The Ofanim on the other hand was a ship closer the the Master class in many ways, a ship that could preform many duties.

The catch?

The Ofanim and the Calabim were basically the same ship. With a number of rather ingenious designs Kimble Industries designed the Calabim to be the ship that was needed to fight and win (it was thought) the war, and then afterwards to become the Ofanim, a ship that was more useful to peace time duties.

It got them the deal.

The Calabim is, as stated, a war ship. It offers no creature comforts. The quarters on board would seem cramped to even a member of the ODF. Tight quarters and high crew concentrations lead to the ship becoming very dirty, a build up a grime and such more than anything else. In fact SAC regulations stated that should any Calabim remain in use after the war (ie. not converted over to Ofanims) that no crew sepnd more than two months serving on the ship. Furthermore, once every six months the ship is to undergo a thorough cleaning that will include exposing the interior to vaccum.

When converted over the Ofanim Class the ship looses some of its weapons systems (though the Ofanim is still a warship) and rotating crew decks are added on. This opens up much of the interior space, creating a much more liveable environment.

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