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Welcome the the Starblade Battalion Information Page. Here I will be putting all the information and supplementary material I have relating to this story I am writing. I will not be putting the actual story here as you can find it at the Rec Arts Anime Creative Archive site, or at the R. Talsorian Games site.

So what will I put here? Well, a bit of everything. Game stats for the mecha presented in the story and the characters as well as the pictures I have.

Simple right?

As people send me things, like pictures and game stats, and maybe just a few interesting ideas, I will also try to put them up here.


picture of head This is the first picture Lim, Yik Sen drew and inked of the Arrow. When he sent it to me I pointed out a few things about it and sent him the stats for the Arrow 01 to give him a an idea of what I was thinking about.
So this is a prototype in two ways. It is a prototype picture and it is a picture of the Arrow in its initial stage, the suit that broke down in mid-transformation.

picture of head This is the final picture of the Arrow00. You will notice the much larger thruster ports and the twin guns. The Arrow00 is meant to have forearm shields but they have been omitted for clarity.
Sen told me he wanted it to look mean.

picture of cockpit area Here's what the 00 looks like when it shifts over to fighter mode. Really cool, eh?
Sen says he spent a lot of time working out the transformation process in his head, and some fudging, so he would know what it looked like. Then he drew it. I really like this picture, it just looks so nice.(Note, the cockpit area is not in the nose, no matter what it looks like. It is that way for looks, and, if the enemy wants to waste time firing on an area where the pilot isn't, great.)
Here's a picture of the plane from the side. You can get a lok at the ventral surface. During re-entry the head is pulled further into the body and heat shielding slides over it, the effect is to streamline the plane. The head also pulls back in with the craft lands in fighter form.
Thanks Sen.

picture of head And this is the picture of the Arrow01, the mass production model. Sen drew it so it looked simpler, as he said. Easier to manufacture. Of course he still wanted it to look mean.
You'll notice a single, larger main weapon, and smaller thrust ports.

Arrow01 Stats: This is a zipped word document for the stats of the Arrow01. If you do not have access to the Word Processing Program, some of these files are also available(or will be in time), albeit in a very unpretty way, as a text file that you can find in the RAAC archive.
The document template used for this design was created by Mark Berger.

Mirmydom Stats: This is a zipped word document providing stats for the Mirmydom, an HA (Heavy Armour) designed by the Starblade Battalion. HAs are the heaviest and largest of the mech designs used in the Starblade Battalion adventures and are basically an assualt platform.

Storm Rider Stats: This is a zipped file of Mark Berger's Storm Rider, his version of the Battalion's transformable mech. It is a different flavor than my design.

Tornado Stat: Another zipped file of a design sent to me by J.G.R.Kingston for a Soldier Suit. He had given me some constructive criticisms about the Arrow Design and wanted to show me that he could also design as well.
While I don't think the Tornado will ever show up in my story, it could be worked into any campaign. I suspect that the Alincourts have a number of one of a kind designs kicking around in storage that might be brought out, improved, and put into use.

Stuff about the Ruby. So, want to know more about the Ruby, or thinking about putting it in your game, or just want to see what it looks like. I've also got some stats, thanks to Angel. Here you go. Enjoy.

(Also thanks to this humbly servant of yours, here there are the stats and info about Redding Frost's new toy and the Battallion's, the Alincourt's and mine own pride and joy, the Diamond carrier. A.H.)

On 1998.11.17, S.H. posted on the SBB Mail List, a message partially reproducted below:
Information about story designs: At the time I did not feel like giving any design information on some of the ships and mecha from the last few story episodes. This is probably as good as any place to put that information, I'm sure a few people would like to see it. If you have not read the final stories yet you might want to treat this information as being spoiler type:

The J.Milligan Wing

James Milligan and Brian Gilmore were the designers for the mechs and other things in the Starblade Battalion Campaign. I got an E-mail from Mr. Milligan today (June 10) asking why I had not included his new designs (post game book) on this page. It was a good question. So, I decided to add his new designs.
I pulled the HTML sheets from the Mekton Bastion and I believe the HTML versions were put together by Rob Hull. Well, whoever wrote the HTML, I hope you don't mind me using them.
Without further ado.

The Strm Draken. An improved and very nasty design based on the first Draken.

The Nachtmaren, a big, nasty, expensive piece of work.

And there is the Wolfram an improved version of the Viggen.

And so the Midnight Sun does not feel left out, he has also given them a new suit, the Reaper. Here's a nasty one.

As a final note, while the Battalion mechs have seemed to have an easy time with the newer designs, that is mostly because I have focused on Ree in Combat. Other Battalion pilots are going to learn to dislike some of the above suits.

The Angel Herreros Wing

Not all that long ago Angel Herreros got in touch with me to tell me that he liked my story, it always does my heart good to hear that, and that he had some designs for me and the stats worked out for a number of mechs and such I had introduced. Boy, did he ever.
So here's all the stuff he sent me. (Updated by myself. A.H.)

A HTML template for the Arrow so now you don't have to download the word version.

And here's the Leopard. You know, looking at it now, I realise that the Leopard needs a targetting computer if its going to hit anything with that big gun. Something to think about.

And let's not forget Dr. Roberts' Loviatar, the Battalions Interceptor.

And of course the Myrmidon, that wonderfully deadly HA. Here's a new sheet which provides information about the latest modifications the suit has seen.

And if you are looking to punish a character, then might I suggest you let them pilot the Star Bus?

Or what if you really want to punish a character. Why not give them a Starlax... er, I mean Starmax.

Want to know about PAFS, well, now, thanks to Angel, you have it.

And then there is the Battalion's one of a kind suit, the Dragon. This is from one of Angel's players that Angel then modified to fit. Nice design. Also provided is a second Dragon Design that is based on my tech notes. Choose your favourite.

And Let's not forget all the ships and other things that have been introduced in the story. Angel hasn't. There are some new stat sets here as well.

Here are the stats for the Wyvern, the new monster mech from Bhan/Zai and their team Kitbash.

Maybe you are looking for little things to give your characters when they are out of their Mechs. Angel provides us with some interesting Anti-Mech Weapons. While these weapons were designed with the Midnight Sun Harbinger in mind, I think they will work against any mech.

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