The Jeatles

Dragonfly Fighter

Arrow-F Fighter

What do you get when you combine a jeep and a beetle (the insect, not the car)? Jeatle are vehicle bodies fitted the legs as their drive system. While jeatle really refers to the jeep sized vehicles, the term is used for most military, legged vehicles. They are usually lightly armoured and armed.

Military Jeatle: Weight 5 Tn, Walking speed 60 Mpt, Maximum speed 144 Km/h, Cost 51.800 Credits

Game stats:
1:5 Scale, 51.8 CP, MV -3, Walk MA 6, Wheel MA 8
Supercharged Combustion Powerplant, Artic & Desert Protection (total x0.07)

"Torso" A. Heavy, 90 Hits, SP 30 Hits.
Pod Mg. Heavy, SP 30 Hits.
6 x Striker Legs, 20 Hits, SP15 Hits each.
6 xStriker wheel,15 Hits each, one on each leg.
Cockpit for 4 (pilot-Torso, copilot-Torso and Pod, 2 passengers/gunners-Pod)
2 x Heavy Machinegun (25H, range 3, WA -1, 25 Hits, 20 shots, BV 6, on W.Mts)
2 x Weapon Mounts over the Torso
Superlight sensors (simple cameras and radio)
2 Spotlights on Torso.

Game notes: In Episode 26 we can see it's a really sturdy vehicle, able to bounce about a lot, and with an armored, windowless passenger space; this rules out saddle cockpits or trading kills for spaces, and we need 40 spc for the crew, so it's a rather large vehicle, about the size of a Hummer.Which is is fact the size I saw it as being, SH.
It is NOT a transformer but has both legs (that excludes Auto) and wheels (that excludes Beast); that leaves only Humanoid (!!!) as a possible form, but as we've seen, it is able to make sharp turns or jump over obstacles, so be it, it seems to be O.K. Odd (the less-humanoid-looking Humanoid mecha ever), but O.K. Instead of 2x8-spaces legs, it has 6x4-spaces legs; if a transformable can walk on this (Metaform legs), a non-transformable also can do so, I think.

Fire arcs: The Machineguns are mounted on external gun-"turrets" with 300? fire each (can rotate 360? but not fire to the other side of the vehicle): one can fire to the 6-1-2-3-4 hexides and the other to the 4-5-6-1-2 hexides. (See diagram)

Proposed Star Blade Battalion Starfighter "Dragon Fly"

Length 24 m, Wingspan 15 m, Weight 39,8 Tn, 3 G thrust, Cost 493,000 Million Credits.

Game Stats:
Configuration: Starfighter, -0 MV, MP +200%, Flight MA 26, 493 CP
Hot Supercharged Combustion Powerplant, +100% ACE, +2 verniers, Virtual Controls, Space Hidraulics, Space Protection (x0.37 total)
MA 26 thrusters on all wings and hull, mated with verniers
L. Hvy sensors w/ ASP and Tgt. Analizer, and backup in Hull

Servos and Armor:
M.Hvy Torso (Hull), 16 Kills, with SP 9 DC 4 armor.
4 x MW Wings, 6 Kills each, with SP 7 DC 4 armor.
Striker Turret, 3 Kills, with SP 5, DC 4 armor.

1 Plasma Gun (5K, WA +1, range 11, 5 Kills, shots inf., BV 4) on Hull
Gauss Point-Machinegun (1K, WA +0, range 3, 40 shots, BV 8, var. antimissile, Scatershot ammo) on turret
4 x wing Weapont Mounts & QCM, each holds a Seeking Missile (8K, WA +1, range 8, 1 shot x4, 1 Kill x 4, smart-2, skill-15)
2 x Torso Weapon Mount, holds a Plasma Torpedo Launcher (10K, WA -2, range 7, 2 shots, 10 Kills, clip-fed, Megabeam, takes both mounts)

Armored Cockpit & M-Pod x 2, ECCM 5 on Torso, Weapon Mount & QCM x 6, QCM & E-Sys for Powerplant, Codelock, +2 Cool, Stereo, Spotlight, 1000 Km fuel, 50 % weight reduction.

NOTES: There is also a stealth version who cost 553.3 CP

Game notes:
- As the Arrow is there for the Assault Dropper role, there is no need for Transat and Reentry;
- The Space Only Hidraulics are the perfect excuse to weight reduction, was set beforehand to half-chop (like the Mecha Manual's SD designs)
- Sped set to match the Vogel. It also fits the same more-anti-ship-that-dogfifhter role.
- It's a combustion powerplant just 'cause it's NOT a mecha, but a short-ranged (carrier- or cruiser- based) fighter who gets refueled dayly. It just DOESN'T need two month's endurance!
- A quick-firing gun, better that two slow-firing linked ones, but pretty standard.
- The turret-based, 360? deffensive Machinegauss is also a truly vicious armor striper; go get Iron Maiden's "Tailgunner"!!!!
- The Plasma Torpedoes are the next step beyond plasma guns; It replaces the arch-know x10 scale missiles with miniature starbolts. I'd better place a Megabeam one (who does 100K to x100 scale targets!) that a x10 scale one (just beauty considerations, and x2.5 cost savings, besides) :) . The "clip" represents, the fighter can NOT arm this monster, just fire it (note it carryes NO spares!), and it's re-armed at the base.
- Of course, one could replace it with 10 Kills, 32 Spc, of assorted anti-mek or anti-air weapons (the torp's cost 36.8 CP, to make the calculations).
- One ECCM to overcome those pesky ECMs and a copilot to man it (kindda F-14).

A Tech-Looking Dragonfly. Just that.

The Arrow-F Fighter

Name: Starblade Battalion Industries Arrow F
Cost: 530.2 cp
Weight: 40
Total M-Pool Bonus(+%): +133%

Mecha Movement Statistics
MV -0
Land MA -
Flight MA 46

Servos and Armor
Loc Class Kills SP DC
Torso HS 10 4 4
Sensor turret MS 4 4 4
Rt. Tail HS 5 4 4
Lt. Tail HS 5 4 4
R. Wing MS 4 4 4
L. Wing MS 4 4 4

Sensor Type Range Comm Kills Loc Cost Space
Main MH 26km 2300km 3 Turret 16 1
Back up back up 1km 300km 2 Torso 2.5 1
ASP - - - - Turret 10.5 1
Target Analyzer - - - - Turret 5 1

Name WA Rng Dmg Sht Kills CP Space Loc Notes
Laser Pod +1 - 4 inf. 4 5.5 1 Turret Anti Missile
Counter Missile 0 - 1 10 0.7 1 1 RW Ded. Ctr. Mis
Counter Missile 0 - 1 10 0.7 1 1 LW Ded. Ctr.Mis
Ex 1 Plasma Cannon +1 10 6 inf. 6 22 10 RTMT BV 3, X-Linked
Ex 1 Plasma Cannon +1 10 6 inf. 6 22 10 LTMT BV 3, X-Linked
Wing Pylons - - - - - 2X2 1X2 Wings weapon mount

Movement Systems:
System MA Location Kills Space Cost
Thruster 10 Right Leg - 5 21
Thruster 10 Left Leg - 5 21

Cost Multiplier Systems:
Supercharged Powerplant x0.3
Virtual Controls x0.05
Space Protection x0.05
EM Protection x0.1
Re-Entry Protection x0.1
+3 Verniers Mated to Thrusters x0.3
ACE +100% M-Pool x0.2
Transat x0.15
Total Multiplier: 1.25

System Loc Space Cost Notes
Cockpit T 1 0 Armoured, Maneuver Pod
ECM Suite Turret 1 8.25 Anti Missile Level 4
Anti Theft System - - 0.4 Thumb Scanner, System Lock out
Spotlights Turret - 0.4 Two sets head and torso
Torso Weapon Mounts x2 T 1/1 2/2
X-Link (Plasma Guns) TMTs - 2
Maneuver Pod T 1 4.5 1 kill
Fuel (Free) - - - 1000km
Fuel Wing 2 2 +1000km
Statistical Enhancement T 2 2 +3 Cool

Final costs
Base Weight: 39.7
Fuel Weight: 7.9
New Weight: 47.6
Base Cost: 222.2
Cost (after Multipliers): 500
Efficency ( tons): -15.2
Cost (w/Efficency, links): 530.4
Final Weight: 40 tons

Game notes:

Basically, the "little changes" are the substitution of twin tails of the same internal size for the old legs, and a sensor turret for the old head, the matting of the arms and torso on a single, slightly larger servo, and the rearranging of the armament: the shoulder-mounted counter-missiles went to the base of the wings, and the hand-held plasma guns (by the way, the weight and cost savings allowed the Arrow 00 twin guns to return) were placed on X-linked torso mounts. The space and cost savings also allowed for a slightly more powerful trhuster/verniers array who slightly improved the overall fighter performance and speed.
"Doctor Emila Roberts. She's a major," Tess paused. "Well, she's not my favourite person."
"Any reason?"
"Well, first of all, she finished her suit design before I did, which wasn't so bad, but then they put her in charge of the fighter project."
"Okay, a little professional jealousy?"
"No, that's not it. You see, she finished her fighter in record time by simply stealing the fighter form of my suit."
"This is your magic, transforming suit, right?"
Tess pounded him on the chest. "Wait till you see it."
"I guess I will," he said, rubbing at his chest. "So she stole your design."
"Basically. Oh, she made a number of little changes to it, improving its performance as a fighter, but it still is my design." Well, basically mine, Tess amended in her head.
"So, is she going to get in trouble for stealing your work?"
"She's too clever for that. She claims that this fighter will confuse the enemy because they will think it is my 'magic, transforming suit'." She hit Carter again.
"Hey, what was that for?"
"Just because. She also said that we could use the lines and parts we already have for the fighter, thus saving money and time. It's all for the greater good."
"If I say it makes sense, will you hit me again?"
"Shocking! This Doctor is a terrible person. Have you killed her yet?"
"You're pushing it."

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