MM-2G-INT Wolfram

MM-2G-INT:              Wolfram
Chassis Weight:		50 tons loaded
CP Cost:                861.3 CP
Credit Cost:            8.613 Million Credits

Height:                 15 Meters

Walking Speed:		1800m/Min.      (MA 6)
Flight Speed:           1642 kph        (MA 24)

Unlike the Draken design scheme, which Singularity Works had to secure from the planners at Solingen GmbH after the disappearance of Nebula Works, the Wolfram is based on Singularity's flagship: The Viggen. Without having to secure the paperwork allowing them to work on the design (as they were the inventors of the machine in the first place), Singularity had begun a revision and upgrade scheme practically on the heels of the Viggen's release.

This is not to say that the Viggen was seen as a flawed design. Rather, the Wolfram was designed as a "Viggen Mark Two". It was seen as a design that could supplement a Viggen in the field, where extended use of Command Armor Upgrades would be restricted. Minor differences aside, the Wolfram shared the Viggens overall profile, and could easily mount all of its weapons in a pinch. In fact, their profiles are so similar that many pilots forget that they are in a different machine altogether. This is intentional, as many pilots found the comfort and "smooth ride" in the Viggens cockpit to be a welcome relief to normal Mecha operation, as well as somewhat addicting.

New on the Wolfram, as seen on the Strm Draken and later on the Nachtmaren, is the consolidated wing array. Replacing the four smaller winglets with two larger wing servos served to reduce the overall servo count, yet kept structural integrity and allowed for the streamlining of the vectored thrust vents of the Wolframs flight system. Similar to the Viggen, the thrusters and verniers of the Wolfram communicate at nearly three times the speed any other ODF Mecha. As such, its performance remains nearly unrivaled in the SAC.

The Wolfram retains nearly all of the Viggens weapons profile, but adds the "new" Mark 2 combat knife and the Shrike 2 missiles. The knife is actually an idea scavenged from the battlefield wreckage of SAC Zephyr's. Realizing that the Viggens one shortcoming was its lack of close combat defense, Singularity copied the SAC combat knife design and integrated it in the Wolfram. The Shrike 2 missiles are essentially Shrike 1's, but possess an upgraded targeting computer to guide their sub munitions. The next release of the Shrike profile calls for the original AI routines to be reinstalled in the munition.

Mekton Statistics:      MM-2G-INT Wolram
Tons:                   50 Tons
Cost in CP:             861.3 CP

Configuration:          MV:     MR:     Land MA:        Flight MA:
Humanoid                -0              6               24

      Supercharged Powerplant x0.3
      Underwater Protection   x0.05
      Space Protection                x0.05
      ACE     (+67% MP)               x0.1
      +3 Verniers                     x0.3
      (Mated to Thruster System, 5 Verniers per Location)

Servos and Armor
Location:       Class   Space           Kills           Armor           DC
Head            HS      5/0             5               4               1
Torso           HS      10/0            10              4               1
R. Arm          HS      6/0             6               4               1
L. Arm          HS      6/0             6               4               1
R. Leg          HS      6/0             6               4               1
L. Leg          HS      6/0             6               4               1
R. Wing ST      3/0             3               4               1
L. Wing ST      3/0             3               4               1

Fuel            +1000KM Fuel (2000KM total)
Combat Cockpit in Torso
Maneuever Pod in Head

Movement Systems:
Type:                   MA:     Loc:    Kills:
Sub Thruster            2       T       NA
Main Thruster           10      RL      NA
Main Thruster           10      LL      NA
+2 MA From Wings

Name:                   Loc.:           Kills:
Spotlights              T               NA
(x2 Spotlights)         Quick Change Mounts
                      All             NA
Storage (500kg) T               NA
Weapon Mounts:
      2 x10 Space     Torso           1e
Weapon Linkage for Sabre and Knife
Link for Marine Suite

Sensor: Loc.:   Ran.:           Comm.:          Kills:
Main (LH)       Head    20 km           1800 km 2
Backup          Torso   1 km            300 km  2
Marine Suite    Torso
Tar. Analyzer   Head
Res. Inten.     Head

Weapons Key:
WA: Accuracy    R: Range        D: Damage       K: Kills
Sh: Shots       C: Cost         Sp: Space       N: Notes


Right Hand
WA: +0  R: Melee        D: 1+1K K: 1K
Sh: NA          C:  2           Sp: 1           N: (1)

Left Hand
WA: +0  R: Melee        D: 1+1K K: 1K
Sh: NA          C: 2            Sp: 1           N: (1)

Right Foot
WA: +0  R: Melee        D: 2+1K K: 0K
Sh: NA          C: 0            Sp: 0           

Left Foot
WA: +0  R: Melee        D: 2+1K K: 0K
Sh: NA          C: 0            Sp: 0

Mark 2 Heat Sabre               L: Right Hand
WA: +1  R: Melee        D: 3+1KAP       K: 3K
Sh: NA          C: 4            Sp: (4) N: (2)

Mark 2 Combat Knife             L: Left Hand
WA: +1  R: Melee        D: 2+1KAP       K: 2K
Sh: NA          C: 7.7          Sp: (6) N: (3)

Shield                          L: Left Arm
DA: -1          R: NA           D: NA           SP: 6
DC: 1

Mark 5M Gauss Gun               L: Two Handed
WA: +1  R: 12/144       D: 2K           K: 2
Sh: See Below   C: 25.5 Sp: (12)        N: (4)

Ammunition for MK. 5M   L: Clips
Kinetic, Tracer Ammunition, 30 Bursts   K: 14
Sh: 30          C: 56.7 Sp: 3/3 N: (5)

Solingen Alpha AMS              L: Right Arm
WA: +2/+3       R: NA           D: 1K           K: 1
Sh: 20          C: 4.75 Sp: 1           N: (6)

Solingen Alpha AMS              L: Left Arm
WA: +2/+3       R: NA           D: 1K           K: 1
Sh: 20          C: 4.75 Sp: 1           N: (6)

SHRIKE 2 Missile Rack   L: Torso Mount
WA: +2  R: 40/1600      D: 5K           K: 2
Sh: 6           C: 82           Sp: (10)        N: (7)

SHRIKE 2 Missile Rack   L: Torso Mount
WA: +2  R: 40/1600      D: 5K           K: 2
Sh: 6           C: 82           Sp: (10)        N: (7)

1 = These are hands, and as such are bought as Quick and Handy.

2 = All ODF Heat Sabres are 1 Handed Melee Weapons. They are also all Armor Piercing, therefore dropping their opponents armor effectively by half per hit. (IE: SP is treated as though it were 1/2 its normal capacity)

3 = The Mark 2 Combat Knife is a new ODF toyI it's a standard AP alloy, and is also QUICK, and THROWN. It is also linked to the Heat Sabre. It can strike twice per round, and "fires" at the same as the Heat Sabre. Ick.

4 = The Mark 5M is a +1 WA, BV 6 Gauss Gun.

5 =The Ammunition for the Mk. 5M is Kinetic and Tracer. There are 30 bursts available, at a total o 15 per clip.

6 = The Solingen Alpha AMS are Dedicated Phalanx Systems, with a BV of 8 an Tracer Ammo, bringing their WA up to +3.

7 = The Shrike 2 Missiles are Blast Radius 2.

Creator Cacklings:
When I was first designing the ODF Mektons, I decided that I wanted the SAC to have an upper hand... so I talked to Brian about it, and we came to this conclusion:
The ODF has superior Starbolt technology, the SAC can really produce them thar smart missile thingies. We bounced this off of RTG, and they said "Sounds good!". Therefore, you'll note that this suit has mention of something known as an AI in the missile. Now, I know you all know what an AI is (some of you don't? Shame on you! Now go take refresher courses with Uncle Rache!), but in this case, we're talking about highly dedicated dogbrains not unlike the ACV's in Steve Gallaci's Albedo series. The ODF smart missiles basically are Juggernauts dedicated to eliminating themselves and their targets. I picture the SAC missiles as being a bit more... well, for lack of a better term, rational.

By: James Milligan <>

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