Family Picture Gallery

Justice/Hinkle/Ward Photos

  • Hazel Ward Justice, son Joseph, Daughter Mary, Gdaughter Peggy Sue Hatfield. Added 11/1/1999.
  • Julie Justice 1903-1945 dau of William and Lottie Justice
  • Added on 11/1/1999.
  • Elba Wray Justice and Hazel Marie Ward abt 1936.

  • Elizabeth Fannin Justice and son Elba Wray abt. 1913.

  • Photo of Charlotte "Lottie" Hinkle Justice (Fitch)1862-1957.

  • Photo of Edgar, Alice and Arnold Justice

  • Photo of Edgar Justice and wife Alice

  • Photo of Charlie Justice, his wife Norma Crum Justice (middle), and Minnie Justice Ratliff

  • Woods Justice, 1960's

  • Woods Justice, Charlie Justice and Minnie Justice Ratliff

  • Chwalek and Williams Family Photos

  • Jeanette Julia Chwalek Williams and Roger Williams
  • Added on 11/1/1999.
  • John (Jan)Chwalek with priest of St. Joseph's Polish National Church In Springfield Mass

  • John Chwalek working at the Pilsudski Club in Springfield, MA.
  • Pilsudski Club Photo 1, John Chwalek is on the Far right.
  • Pilsudski Club Photo 2, JohnChwalek is in the Middle.
  • Mitchell Chwalek in WWI "Haller's Army" Polish Uniform.

    Roger Edward Williams' WWII Photos

    My grandfather, SGT. Roger Edward Williams was a tailgunner on the Spirit of Springfield (MASS). All of these photos with the exception of the photo of himself were taken by him in Japan during WWII. Until a few years ago know one knew these photos existed and were saved from the trash pile by my aunt Denise Williams. Many of these photos were of bombing raids, one of the 29th bomber squadron, and one of Roger on guard duty.

    The glass which these photos were taken was the first bullet proof glass every put on an airplane. This glass saved my grandfather's life and is in the archives of The Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

  • PHOTO 1: Planes over MT. FUJI?
  • PHOTO 2:Aerial Shot of three planes
  • PHOTO 3:Bombing Run
  • PHOTO 4:Bombing Run
  • PHOTO 5:Bombing Run
  • PHOTO 6:Bombing Run
  • Roger Williams on Guard Duty in the Pacific during WWII

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