Dakin 1830


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Husband             George Dakin 

Born: 1830 in  England

Died:  1897 in  Talbot, Victoria, Australia

Father: Joseph Dakin        Mother: ?

Occupation:  Farmer


Married: 1855 in Busseltown, Western Australia, Australia


Wife                     Mary Farrell

Born: 1828 in Dublin, Ireland

Died: 1895  in  Talbot, Victoria, Australia

Father: Michael Farrell        Mother: ?


Child 1                         Michael Joseph Dakin
Born: 1856 in Vasse, Western Australia, Australia
Died: ? in  Australia

Married: 1885 in Victoria, Australia to Dorothea Louisa Numier

Child 2                         
Born: 1859 in Swan River, Western Australia, Australia
Died:  1874 in Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia

Child 3                         Margaret Maria Dakin
Born: 1861 in Kileamup, Western Australia, Australia
Died: ? in Australia

Married: 1889 in Talbot, Victoria, Australia to Joseph Dial

Child 4                         George Farrell Dakin
Born: 1863 in Kileamup, Western Australia,  Australia
Died: 1913 in Zeehan, Tasmania, Australia

Married: 1895 in Zeehan, Tasmania, Australia to Ellen Lambe


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