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Husband             Sidney Hedley Waterlow McMurray  

Born: 1871 in Newton, Closeburn, Dumfries, Scotland

Died:  1938 in Prahran, Victoria, Australia

Father: James McMurray        Mother: Margaret S. Corson


Occupation:  Soldier/Farmer

Married: 1893 in Fulford, York, England


Wife 1                     Margaret Heaton

Born: 1872 in England

Died: 19__ in  Unknown

Father: Thomas Heaton        Mother: ??

Child 1                         Sydney Hedley McMurray
Born: 1895 in
Died: 19__ in Unknown

Child 2                          Isobelle Margaret McMurray
Born: 1896 in England
Died:  1973 in Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia

Married: 1914 in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia to Walter Pass

Child 3                         Katie Heaton McMurray
Born: 1900 in
Died: 1968 in West Preston, Victoria, Australia

Married: 1918 in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia to Henry Charles Warren

Child 4                         Euriel McMurray
1904 in Scotland
Died: 1935 in Victoria, Australia


Wife 2             Charlotte Leah  

Born: 1877 in Lancashire, England

Died:  1955 in Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

Married: 19__ in Australia

Father: Samuel Leah        Mother: Ann Warrington Balmour


Child 1                         Hedley Albert McMurray
Born: 1909 in Born at Sea
Died: 1973 in Colac, Victoria, Australia

Married: 19__in Australia to Mary Kathleen Balmour

Child 2                          Andrew Keith McMurray
Born: 1912 in
Richmond, Victoria, Australia
Died:  1975 in Dimboola, Victoria, Australia

Married: 1932 in Picola, Victoria, Australia to Ruby Jean Marks

Child 3                         Phyllis McMurray

Born: 1914 in Nathalia, Victoria, Australia
Died:  1998 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Married: Thomas Martin Egan

Child 4                          John Walter McMurray

Married: Edna Dorothy Bree

1997 [Stephen T. Egan]

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