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Wife              Ann Tate

Born: 1826 in  Durham, England

Died:  18__? in England

Father:    Robert Tate       Mother: Maria Pearson

Married : 18__? Not sure if married as could not find record or surname Ritzmay.


Husband         John Ritzmay (or Ritzema?)

Born: 17__? in Unknown

Died: 18__?  in Unknown


Child 1                         Joseph Tate
Born: 1842 in  Westoe, South Shields, Durham, England
Died: 18__? in England

Married (1): 1861 in Hendon, Sunderland, Durham,  England to Jane Wilson

Married (2): 1866 in Hendon, Sunderland, Durham,  England to Dorothy Whitehead



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