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Jerusalem Bowl & Doily Set
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The city of Jerusalem is beautiful and very important to Jewish people everywhere. This lace bowl and doily try to capture the distinctive rooflines and textures we associate with Jerusalem. 


The lace is quite dense and takes a long time to stitch out, but it is definitely worth the effort. Inside the bowl, Jerusalem is stitched in Hebrew (it is a separate color so you can skip it if you want).

The doily has two options: Jerusalem (in Hebrew), or “Next year in Jerusalem” (in Hebrew). 
Two sizes of bowls: large (approximately 9.75” across), and small (approximately 7.25” across).
Two sizes of doilies: large (approximately 13.5” across) and small (approximately 9.5” across). 

The large bowl and doily, in shades of blue with silver detailing.



Close up of the details of one panel


Each side piece of the large doily contains 48,392 stitches. The small side has 33,122 stitches.

BONUS! Extra centers for the doilies, or make as coasters.


The small bowl and doily, in pastels with dark grey detailing, giving a stained glass impression.



Additionally, there is a “light” version, which has the background mesh and the satin stitching detail, but not the different colored textured fills. This version is faster to stitch but doesn't have the interesting textures. It comes in one-color and two-color variations.



Available in ART, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP and XXX formats. The small bowl and doily can be done in a 4" hoop. The large ones require a 5x7" hoop.