Stitches by Sue Boutique

Compass Point

Towel Cakes
Painted Purses
Hand Painted Neck Purses
Hand painted Soap
Jerusalem Tallit & Tefillin Bags
Breast Plate of the Cohen
Challah Covers
Matriarch Tallit
Passover Matzah Covers
Striped Tallit
Vine Tallit
Blue Angel
Not Forgotten
Unicorn Friends

My version of the Mariner's Compass design, but with a Jewish twist, since mine are based on a 6 pointed star rather than 8 points.
Inspired by Laura Murray, who sells the Paint Stiks and the rubber stamps for rubbing these types of designs on her website:


To see samples of Laura Murray's creations, go to:
To see the process basics for using her Star Builder rubber stamps, go to:


This design was done with the shapes of my Star Builder variation, but with no painting involved.  The fabric was so interesting, I let it do all the "talking"

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