~ Custom Painting Services ~

Do to lack of time (training a new puppy, taking a class, working on web pages)  I am currently not taking any new commissions.  However I can occasionally be tempted especially if it involves painting in exchange for resins or other models needed for my collection.  It never hurts to ask!!!


I'm pretty much always willing to take on commissions.  However, I do have down days due to medical issues, so I cant guarantee a completed piece by a certain date.  I do however guarantee your happiness in your completed models.  
Generally I work on a lot of different pieces at the same time.  Commissions, My own work, and assorted pieces for sale.

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If I'm doing a model for you many times Ill send out progress shots so you can watch your model develop as I work on it.  This is especially beneficial when doing loud patterns such as appaloosas and paint horses.


Down Payment
For commission pieces I do require half of the payment up front, the remainder due upon the models completion.
 All payments are non-refundable, once bitten twice shy, I've dealt with too many people backing out of a deal once the model has been started.
Time Payments
I do accept reasonable time payment for my models.  
Both commissions and sales pieces.


I'm always willing to trade custom models for models I'm missing in my collection.  If you'd like a trade, send me an email and we'll see what we can work out.  Resins, original finish models, unpainted models, certain bodies, tack, dolls & even companion animals.  I'm also looking for assorted things like art & crafting supplies, dvd's, books, journals and magazine subscriptions, ANYTHING is considered.

The SWC Special Resin Deal

*** I'll Paint a Resin for a Resin ***
This can be a great deal seeing as often the unpainted resins are cheaper than paying for the paintjobs!  ANY resin is considered!  Buy 2 Resins, send them both, and you get yours painted and I get the other one as payment!  
This even includes the Maggie Bennet Micro Mini's!
The average Micro cost about $15.  

While the average micro paintjob cost $35-$55.  You save $20 to $40 with the deal!

$  Prices  $

The following table of prices are for ESTIMATES ONLY.  
Models may vary depending on the type of detail and pattern requested, weather or not its pre-prepped or if some re-sculpting needs to be done.
Custom Equine Paint Job Price Chart
Color Plus Size Traditional Classic Little Bits Stablemates Micro Minis HO Scale
Solid $150 + $125 $80 $50 $45 - $50 $25 $30
Dun Detail $165 + $145 $90 $60 $50 - $55 $30 $35
Dapples $250 + $200 $110 $75-$80 $55 - $75 $45 $50
25% White $200 + $170 $100 $75 $65 $30 $35
50% White $250 + $180 $125 $80 $75 $40 $45
75% White $300 + $225 $150 $90 $85 $50 $55
25% White $200 + $170 $100 $75 $65 $30 $35
50% White $250 + $180 $125 $80 $75 $40 $45
75% White $300 + $225 $150 $90 $85  $50 $55
Greys $325 + $275 $115 $85 $75 - $100 $45 $50
Fleebitten $335 + $275 $125 $85 $75 - $85 $50 $55
Roans $350 + $200 $125 $75 $65 - $75 $45 $50
Rabicano $300 + $185 $110 $65 $55 - $65 $40 $45

Below are samples of my work

Calliope Resin "Tessa"
Breyer Stablemate G2 Thoroughbred Mare "KGs Burning Hearthrob"
Breyer Stablemate G2 Galloping Foal "KGs Lil Flaming Heart"
Owned by Esther Johnson
Phoenix Resin "KGs Wannago Closer" Owned by Unknown

Breyer Misty & Stormy set "KGs Dominique" Mare and her Filly "KGs Domini"
Owned by Me and not for sale.

Breyer Misty "KGs Butternut Rum"
Owned by Me
Gypsy II Resin "KGs The Gypsy Queen"
Owned by Kathy Gouyton

Maggie Bennets Micro Mini Galloping Draft "KGs Cabernet" Owned by Kathy Gouyton

Maggie Bennets Micro Mini Friesian "KGs Firefox" Owned by Me
Breyer Stablemate G2 American Saddlebred to Hackney "KGs Be My Valentine"
Owned by Kathy Gouyton

Spark Gap Resin "KGs Stand True" owned by Me.

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