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Stratton Research provides objective, independent market research services for companies, institutions and individuals involved in real estate development and other location-based businesses.  

Our services can apply to nearly any situation involving decisions about location or land use. We have experience with the following property types:

     RV and boat storage
     New single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and apartments
     Light industrial
     New urban communities

Clients we serve include:

     Land developers
     Community developers

Our services are customized for the needs of each client and each situation.

Please use the navigation links atop this page to review your area of interest and need.  And feel free to contact us with your questions and comments.

Is having a thorough, well-prepared, well-written and professional study important to you?
Are you going to base some of your planning decisions on the study's results and recommendations?  
Will you be submitting the report to lenders and prospective partners and investors?
Then approach the whole market research process carefully and thoughtfully.  
We are here to help.