What happens before is not what happens next. Sometimes is better to be quiet, serene, tranquile in the waters which dance to rhythms of unbearable sexual dances. But the day comes to go to those places we fear a little, but love the most.
Its all about evolution, and not being afraid of it.

"The charges of introspective thoughts electrified and activated neurons of the systematic order, inevitably converting black sectors into ravishing, emotionally unstable thoughts.
Mother Nature's syntax of creative imagery, an unrealistic reality, is the causant of the delirium that possess the mind, thoughts, and emotions on the realms of the eight circuit.
Are you okay?"

There is a place where all can happen, where the imagination dwells, and no one can prove you wrong. Where thoughts are random, and at the same time in order, but nothing that pen and paper can help array for you. Here I have put together a small list of poetry and thoughts about my mind, life, and surroundings that I have written when I least wanted to. Sometimes is good to let the mind cry its thoughts away and later contemplate them. That's what I do. I enjoy seeking deep inside my own self, and studying me, finding those dimensions that I have created unconsciously and make me the way I am.

Ironically!! when you look for those thoughts, they hide and run from you. When you stop, they come.

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Updated: June 4, 2001 A.D.