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*** I have NO AFFILIATION with Richard Simmons, Deal A Meal Corporation, Good Times, the Richard Simmons Living Trust, or any of the other trademark/copyright sites or items. PLEASE do not write to me asking for Richard's autograph, photos or any nutritional or medical advice, nor for any scans of the cards or books that come with these products!. ***
I'm a big fan of Richard Simmons and have been since his early television appearances back in the 1980's and his Never Say Diet food plan. Lots of things have changed in the nutritional field since then, even Richard's own recipes, but other things haven't. Back then, as now, motivation was a big part of any healthy weight reduction plan and Richard provided plenty of it!

He released a series of audio tapes called "Project Me" and had a list of affirmations to help one towards their weight loss goal.

He based his weight loss plan on the American Dietetic Association's exchange program and came up with


He knew a big reason we were overweight was lack of exercise, so he brought the Slimmons studio to *us* with his exercise videos and audio tapes.

Move Groove Lose
In December 1998, he has released his new program, "Move, Groove and Lose" that combines the counting of Deal-A-Meal with the exercise of the Sweatin' tapes. He revised that program in December 2000 with Lose Weight and Celebrate.

And now, as explained in more detail later on this page, Richard has reached out to us across the Internet with the
At Home with Richard Simmons
web site.

My web page is just to let others know what a wonderful guy Richard Simmons is and how he can change your life, too. Get yourself some Deal A Meal cards or make your own and follow them. They can be adapted to suit the foods *you* like. Vegetarian? No problem! Just remember to use the Meat cards for foods like beans. I've even used the Deal A Meal cards to follow the food plan outlined by Dr. McDougall and SugarBusters!

Lose Weight and Celebrate
Richard's program, Lose Weight and Celebrate , introduced us to a gold version of his FoodMover in January 2000, along with a few updated booklets that go with it, and 3 new videos, all with the Broadway theme. There's a Broadway BlastOff, a full-length aerobic tape, and a new toning tape with cords. The price is around $40 on his web site, but other on-line stores have it a little cheaper. Of course, everything is *a lot* cheaper on eBay, if you trust auction sites.

Blast off the pounds set
In 2001, Richard introduced the BlastOff! the Pounds series. It started out as one 20-minute video, the BlastOff! cookbook, and the gold FoodMover. In 2002 he introduced a few new BlastOff! videos, but these were 40 minutes in length and had a toning portion, along with a new prop, wrist weights that had ice packs enclosed. A lot of people returned the videos because they were too long and too complicated (40 minutes is *not* a "quick workout") and a lot of the ice packs leaked, either in shipping or soon after.

Slim Away Everyday
On January 1, 2003, the Slim Away Everyday package was unveiled, showing again a revamped FoodMover, 2 re-edited BlastOff tapes or DVD's, a new toning tape, and a slight change to the FoodMover weight loss plan. Also, instead of a cookbook, this time a few random recipe cards were tossed into the package. At least we now know why Richard was asking for his "Webbies" to send him their favorite recipes. Not only are they included in this new package but he now has a recipe club offered on his web site. Of course, it's not free!

Gold FoodMover

How the FoodMover Works

Books by Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons Book of Hope Affirmations

Exercise to a level you *and your doctor* have agreed to. Many people, me included, have some medical problems that prevent us from doing high impact aerobics, climbing mountains, or some days even walking. As much as we all hate it, we need to let our doctors know what we want to do (lose weight safely and exercise) and the doctor's job is not to berate us because we're overweight but to assist us in getting to a healthy level. If your doctor prescribes jogging 5 miles a day to a person weighing around 300 pounds with no previous exercise experience, go to a different doctor! Everyone should start out slow and build up to a safe level of exercise, not start out with a program worthy of a seasoned Olympic athlete! Slow walking for 5 minutes may be all you can do to start. Do it, and increase your speed and distance as you get more fit. Can't walk outside because of allergies or agoraphobia? Walk in place indoors to the tv, a video tape, or peppy music!

Visit my Richard Simmons Exercises Page for suggestions and *personal* reviews of some videos.

FoodMover Formatted Recipes

Recipes from Richard's Cookbooks

At Home with Richard Simmons

Click HERE to go to Richard's Official Site

(Alternate url is

On March 2002 Richard's people unveiled the "new" web site, and it's a big disappointment to all! The Daily Message is sometimes only a commercial for his Club House or his products, the only free thing left on the entire site besides the daily message is the Helpin' Boards, and they're buried under the Help link at the top of the page. If you love to use Chat rooms, then the site is worth the $10 a month, otherwise, try a Yahoogroup list, instead.

How to Contact Richard Simmons

As I mention above, I have no affiliation with Richard or any of his companies. This is the official address to send mail to Richard Simmons:

Richard Simmons c/o Slimmons
9306 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

And on-line at:
It is said by people who know that Richard does, indeed, read all of the mail sent to him, and answers are then dictated to his Typing Angels, who then type and print the letters out and he signs them. You can use this address to ask Richard for advice, send him photos and updates on your weight loss, or just about anything.

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