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B&LE O Scale
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The Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad: MSTS, HO, and O Club.

 Pics coming soon. Here is the roster.....
 B&LE AS-616 #411 ---- MTH
 B&LE 0-8-0 #252 --- MTH
 B&LE Flat w/transformer ---- MTH
 B&LE Gondoal w/containers -- MTH
 B&LE Caboose #2001 -- MTH
 B&LE 200 Ton Crane -- MTH
 B&LE MOW Kitchen Car --- MTH
 B&LE Coil Car --- K-line??
 B&LE/DM&IR Ore Jennies --- K-line and Lionel
 DM&IR GP38-2 #201 --- MTH
 and there are various other freight cars also.

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