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 The Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad extends from its southern yard at North Bessemer, PA to the P&C Docks at Conneaut, OH. The route will follow the real B&LE as closely as possible, although exact is impossible, including these key places and more.....
 North Bessemer
 Allegheny River Bridge
 Saxonburg Sintering Plant
 Butler Area
 The Western Allegheny
 The Hillards Branch
 Kremis (K-O and Old Line Split)
 Osgood (K-O and Old Line cross, 4 rail lines cross on 3 levels here, read below)
 K-O Jct (K-O and Old line come together)
 Albion Yard (Erie Branch and Conneaut Line split)
 Wallace Jct (Trackage rights over NS)
 Conneaut (P&C Docks)
   In Greenville/Osgood you will be able to interchange and switch to other rail lines and ride on them for a few miles. These include... New York Central, Pennsylvania RR, and the Erie RR. (Also can be used as Conrail or NS) All the rail lines at Osgood will be usable.
 Here are some work pics...... Laying track MUST be completed first. We start at North Bessemer....



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