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Grab of my Amiga PPC

  Sometimes my programs that using mui toolbars open with trash

   If your have gfx try install new ilbm.datatype from aminet, here this program solve all
   my problems about strange displays on CybergraphX.ilbmdt.lha

  Sometimes when i open game or other program with pubscreen
  my screen is open with wrong center, sometimes only half of
  screen is displayed?

   You use a old version of "modepro" with center options to new screens enable
   just disabled this or get new release of modepro on aminet. ModePro.lha

  It's possible to connect more two ide hds on my standart amiga?
   No! Definaly not! To connect more 2 hds on your ide standart you need to buy
   a ide buffering because amiga ide is designed to use only primarys devices,
   ide buffering is not expensive try find on any amiga vendors, like:
   National Amiga,   Softhut.

  It's possible to use powerup and warpup kernel at same time?
   Today yes, the solution is ppclib emulator, actually emulate 75% of powerup
   kernel routines, so so, but is constant developent. If you dont want to use
   this ppclib, is not possible to run two ppc kernels at same time!

  What is the official ppc kernel of amiga?
   Amiga Inc defined to official ppc kernel is WarpUP by Haage Partner.

  Some times i have a stranges lockups to drag and drop files on Dopus
  Magellan II 5.8! Why?

   This version has some bugs that force this errors, get the "free" upgrade to
   5.81, this version are fixed, very rocks!

  My Concierto sound board have the volume so low! Why?
   You need to load Concierto_mixer to load Concierto chip settings and set
   AmigaOS sound settings, just set CX_POPUP=NO on Concierto_Mixer and put
   on your wbstartup.

  It's possible connect my amiga on web and use this connection inside
  of macintosh emulators, like ShapeShifter and Fusion?

   Yes, is possible! :) First you need a amiga dialup with support to multiples
   interfaces, to create a ppp to web and ppp1 to mac using "nullmodem" devices
   like Miami Deluxe, get on aminet a nullser.device, inside of this packet have
   a good documentation how to configure this, but for first you need only:
   on amiga: MiamiDx, nullser.device, on mac: freeppp, and a lot of patience
   to configure! Now is possible to use netscape inside of your amiga. :)

  My multiview or my dopus double click sniffer failed, eternal loop?
   Some datatypes has problems, like XBM from aminet, this datatypes are not
   writed using the standart format of datatypes recognized, is possible that
   datatypes.library needs a upgrade. But to remove this problem look if you
   has on your devs:datatypes/ this problematics datatypes on your system.
   On this datatype is find this bug: XBM v43.9!

  Some startup images like on IB, NewsRog, StrICQ never display, just
  a clear box, why?

   This is a problem on Visual Prefs, but is so simple to fix, you need set
   BorderSize/Top = TitleBarSize + 2 on Visual Prefs config.

  Your Amiga PPC lockup constantly, and mainly in cold days?
   Tries to verify if the connector of its PPC board dont has humidity, removes the
   board and cleans the contacts connectors, here solve all problems!

  When you cut a brush on ImageFX your brush is trashed using

   Remove Bitmap Cache option on CybergraphX to fix this little bug
   on ImageFX brush support, but remember, Warp3D need this
   option to controll 3D memory! If you dont have 3D board
   no problem, else, contact Nova Design and report "again" this bug!

  Programs failed to open guigfx.library correct version?
   Install last version of render.library from aminet, RenderLib.lha, packet
   Image Processing Kernel +v30.0.

  PowerUp kernel is compatible with OS 3.5?
   Sure! The same as OS 3.1, just copy powerup libraries to libs:, the difference
   is that OS 3.5 comming with WarpUp Libs.

  I need format my partitions to install new filesystem from OS 3.5?
   No! v45.1 of new filesystem from OS 3.5 are 100% compatible with old
   filesystems, just update your filesystem on HdToolBox.

  Is possible to use new filesystem from OS 3.5 on OS 3.1?
   Yes! Just update your filesystem on HDtoolBox or HDInstTools.

  I have some problems to use OS 3.5 with Opus 5.81, how to fix?
   Get the last update v5.82 from, this
   version fix all problems with icons on Opus and OS 3.5.

  My Opus 5.81 crash on load with OS 3.5?
   I dont know why, but if you have MCP 1.32 running on your system
   with NEW TOOLTYPES [on], Opus will crash! Just put off to fix.

  OS 3.5 and Opus 5 eat a lot of my chip memory, why?
   New icon.library v44 api use by default storage icons on chip ram
   if you has a GFX card use this tool WBCtrl tool on your
   startup-sequence to change storage icons to FASTRAM, like this

  I install last update 5.82 but i cant success to save icon
  positions on Opus, why?

   Some releases of OS 3.5 come with icon.library v44.500, new Opus
   update need => 44.529 of icon.library with many fixes, get inside of
   Opus 5.82 update pack, this problem happiness to all people that
   install Opus update before to install OS 3.5.

  After install OS 3.5, when i run prefs/locale crash, why?
   This is a little bug on new locale prefs to support old locale.prefs
   file on ENV:, to fix remove locale.prefs from env:, envarc:
   and save locale preference again.

  My asimcdfs 3.10 not recognize joliet format, why?
   First set identify joliet volumes "on", and hability
   AutoStart DC [+2 partitions], here only work with DC activated.

  How to finish with the heating problem it a4000 desktop?
   See this picture, i make this on my a4000 desktop, for now
   fix all my problems.

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