Freedom Call

  Last Version:  v1.14 [05.11.00]
  * Fixed Y2K bug;
  * A lot of memory problem fixed, very more robust!
  * Some internal fixes

  * Realtime integration with Miami 2x, 3x, deluxe dialup;
  * How many Internet's calls you made;
  * The wholeness of time on line;
  * Time on line average;
  * Cost of any call;
  * Cost average;
  * How many disconnections you made;
  * How many times the line fell off;
  * How many times your computer was reseted during a connection;
  * Phone, date and duration time of larger connection;
  * Phone, date and duration time of smaller connection;
  * Monthly control of connection's time limit;
  * First and last call in the selected consultation;
  * First and last date in the selected consultation;
  * Control of remaining time in the present month;
  * Visualization of exceeded conecction's time, based on your limit of hours;
  * Calls, time online and percentage by week`s day;
  * It allows to visualize its last five Web`s connections (shortcut window);
  * It allows to visualize all Web`s connections;
  * It allows to consult about one period of time;
  * Set your free hours;
  * Set your day of initial month;
  * Set number to ignore in statistics;
  * Select limits of your telephone company;
  * Visualize your telephone costs in current money of other country;
  * Provider bill;
  * Provider extra hours cost;
  * Total costs for month;
  * Time, Date, Cost, Online, Speed Connection, protocols of actual call;
  * Possibility of visualize your rates on all your connections;
  * Generate all statistics in html format;
  * Support generation in html format to intranets;

  Any Amiga with tcpip, like miami, amitcp

  If you like to develop new features for this program go a head
  get the source, report me about your ideas and put your name
  together with other developers of this tool.

  Paolo Carminati - Author of Freedom Call Icon
  SCiZO - Author of Freedom Explorer Icon
  Zikmund Tomáš - Author of Freedom Call Images

  Languages Supported:
   FGerman1.13.LHA - Deutsche Kataloge by Michael Lünse

   FreedomC1.14.LHA    From Aminet

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