Freedom Translator Client API

  Last Version:  v1.3 [26.11.99]
  - Some changes to support new protocol;

  Version:  v1.2 [25.09.99]
  - All arguments routines are reworked, i lot of improvements,
      new options added;
  - NOFILTERS option added to disable internal filters;
  - SILENCEMAX option added to display only translated texts;
  - Now the two servers supported are on the same executable,
      change using SERVER1 (default), SERVER2 option;
  - NOREMOVE option added to debug output file in ram;
  - -U option added, to translate a url;
  - -O option added, to save a url in a file;
  - Bug removed on filters routines;
  - All memory routines are reworked, now program is ROCKS!
  - Aweb script has a big improvements;

  This program is a API to use with the most important programs on amiga,
  like, email, irc, browsers, text editors to translate selected texts, support
  this languagesEnglish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

  Any Amiga with tcpip, like miami, amitcp

  If you like to develop new features for this program go a head
  get the source, report me about your ideas and put your name
  together with other developers of this tool.

  Programs Supported:
  Final Writer
  Microdot 2

  Chris Young - Microdot 2 arexx script developer

   FTransAPIv1.3.LHA    From Aminet

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