Grab of my Amiga Linux PPC

  What the hell is APUS?
   Amiga PowerUp Unix System :)

  Netscape run on linux ppc?
   Sure! And is part of Linux PPC r4 or r5 cd! all recent versions of netscape are compiled
   to linux ppc.

  Linux PPC on amiga run linux stuff from web?
   Sure! But, you need a linux ppc stuff, remember your linux is based on risc processor,
   all programs compiled to mac ppc, risc ppc based G2, G3 run fine on your amiga.

  Its possible to use amiga and linux at same time?
   No way! Linux on amiga is not a emulator, is a native ppc system, this system use all
   power of your risc processor, is PPC only, in a future versions of amiga kernel,
   developers is thinking about the possibility to run 68k and ppc at same time, like

  Why install linux ppc on my amiga ppc?
   It's a good question, but, thinking about, full PPC OS, fast mp3 encodes, fast mpeg
   videos solid kernel, all linux vantages free to you run on your amiga, a lot of stuff
   on web. Do you need more? :)

  What i need on amiga side to run linux ppc?
   You need a kernel compiled to powerup amiga kernel, need a boostrap to launch this
   kernel like LILO on PC, need a X permedia2 server to run x-windows, only this 3 files is
   necessary to run generic linux ppc on you amiga.

  All amiga hardware are supported by linux ppc?
   Is not so simple, kernel is in complete evolution, always news hardwares is added on
   kernel today have a lot of hardwares compatibles, like phase 5 boards, village tronics,
   read more information about this on sunsite site

  I get some linux files from web and i don't have success to run?
   Look if this files is not compiled to other processor, like i386 (x86),
   get only ppc binarys or source code and compile by yourself.

  What video modes are supported on linux ppc?
   Depend of your video board, picasso4, cybergraphics, cybervision, retina Z3,
   and others boards support all modes, 8, 15, 16, 24bits modes, read sunsite
   to know more about your especific board.

  It's possible to run games from linux?
   Sure! All ppc stuff are 100% compatible on amiga linux.

  It's possible to mount amiga filesystems inside of linux ppc?
   Sure, mount command from linux doing this, like:
   mount -t affs /dev/hda1 /mnt/hdamiga, "affs" is a amiga description, its possible to
   mount a lot of types filesystems, novell, mac, windows, sun ... hda1 is a device
   of your ide primary partition 1, other example: /dev/hdb2 ide secondary partition 2
   /mnt/hdamiga is a simple directory where your amiga partition is mounted, so simple :)

  Why i cant configure my modem?
   Amiga kernel use /dev/cua0 to assign amiga serial, select this on your dialup.
   If you like to use /dev/modem, make ln -s /dev/cua0 /dev/modem.

  It's possible to use PFS2, AFS and others custom file systems to
  define linux partitions?

   No! Only FFS are supported!

  To define a linux partitions i need use a especial DosType?
   Yes! You need some custom configs to define linux partitions, Main Linux partition
   set 0x4c4e5800 (LNX\0), Swap Linux partition set 0x53575000 (SWP\0), all don't
   need a reserved blocks, set to 0. With this dostype linux find on your hd what is
   linux partitions.

  What is the minimun harddisk recomemded?
   Two partitions, Linux main and Linux Swap, like 400mb main, 60mb swap.
   But is recomemded more! Depend what do you need to install!

  After install new upgrades on my linux i can't connect on internet?
   Try install back old version of pppd, i don't know why not run with new version! But
   only install old 2.3.5 and everything will be fine again. :)

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