Amiga Back Orifice Client
"Back Orifice is a powerfull windows manager, is provided
to possibility virtual controll by network of windows
95 and 98 clients, don't use for illegal thinks. Use only
if you accept this terms!"

  Last Version:  v1.21.10 [13.01.00]
  - Added UNSTOP command to get delay information;
  - Added BoLogFilter external command to filter BO keylog;
  - New server now with 55kb, new default port and pass,
     use profload amiga to configure to new server;
  - Server "Today" 10.01.2000 are indetectable;
  - Release two versions 000-(020, 030), 060-(040, 060);

  Any Amiga with tcpip, like miami and amitcp
  libs: socket.library needed

  If you like to develop new features for this program go a head
  get the source, report me about your ideas and put your name
  together with other developers of this tool.

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