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Site Technologies Announces First Commerce-Enabled Authoring Tool Designed for Small Businesses


New Features Make QuickSite 2.5 the Most Productive Way to Create, Manage and Sell on the World Wide Web

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 11, 1997--Site Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: DTPT), a leading developer of Internet software, today announced QuickSite 2.5, the first commerce-enabled Web site creation and management tool designed for the Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) market.

QuickSite 2.5, a major enhancement to Site Technologies's award-winning product, now includes QuickSite's "EasyCommerce" module, a WYSIWYG++ (What You See Is What You Get) Layout Editor, new Wizards, the HyperSite publishing engine, Web site import, and new management capabilities. QuickSite 2.5 will be unveiled by Site Technologies (Booth No. 4740) at Internet World in Los Angeles, March 10-14, 1997. The Standard Edition of the product is expected to be available in retail stores during the second quarter for $99.

"Our goal with QuickSite 2.5 was to deliver a product that gives SOHO businesses a true competitive advantage when it comes to selling on the Web," said John Ambrose, Site Technologies chief executive officer. "QuickSite 2.5 is much more than an authoring tool - it is a powerful, flexible, commerce-enabled environment for creating world-class, revenue-generating Web sites and online catalogs."

QuickSite "EasyCommerce" Module

A significant new feature to QuickSite 2.5 is its "EasyCommerce" module which consists of an integrated Catalog Builder, Catalog Wizard and Promotion Wizard. The Catalog Builder speeds the process of establishing a commerce presence on the Web by using page templates and a product inventory database to automatically generate a professional Web catalog. QuickSite's exclusive Catalog Wizard eases the process of adding inventory data. Further, users can choose from a wide array of predefined templates or create a custom template in the WYSIWYG++ Layout Editor.

"Previously, the only way a business could publish a catalog on the Web was to create and modify each individual product page, or learn how to use server side features, a time consuming and expensive task," said Song Huang, vice president of Internet product marketing at Site Technologies. "QuickSite 2.5 automates this entire process more elegantly than products costing many times the price of QuickSite 2.5."

Once a Web catalog is built, QuickSite 2.5 users no longer need to use complicated server scripts to receive orders. QuickSite's form processor quickly takes customer information and emails it directly to the Web site manager. In addition, the new automatic Site Promotion Wizard assembles the important details about a Web site and automatically registers the site with the top search engines.

"A presence on the top search services can start bringing customers to a business almost instantly," said Huang. "Previously, the task of registering a Web site meant finding, visiting and then supplying information manually to each individual search engine or paying for automated registration services which can be quite costly. QuickSite simplifies this entire process."

WYSIWYG++ Layout Editor

Another significant enhancement to QuickSite is its new WYSIWYG++ Layout Editor, which provides full visual control over the design of the Web page. WYSIWYG++ allows users to build and position page components, and to view each page exactly as it will appear on the Web. The WYSIWYG++ Layout Editor is fully integrated with the most popular Windows applications, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, File Manager and Netscape Composer. Users can drag and drop text, graphics, and tables, and then using the WYSIWYG++ Layout Editor, to position, size and create each element anywhere on the Web page.

"QuickSite provides the best of both worlds when it comes to creating a Web site," stated Huang. "Site Technologies has pioneered an architecture that provides all of the benefits of visual layout without the compromises. QuickSite users retain 100% code control over their HTML. This is very unique."

QuickSite Wizards

QuickSite 2.5 includes seven productivity-enhancing Wizards. Site Wizard automatically creates a structure for a Web site before the user begins adding content. Style Wizard establishes a consistent look and feel of a Web site by allowing the user to choose a design which QuickSite can automatically apply and manage throughout the site. Site Promotion Wizard automatically lists QuickSite Web sites with the top 15 search engines. Graphics Theme Wizard enables a user to change the look of an entire Web site instantly using one of 10 professionally designed graphics themes. Graphics Properties Wizard enables users to add custom headers, footers and menu buttons to a Web site. DeepMenu Wizard enables entire new sections to be added to a Web site and automatically manages the links.

"Dueling Browser" Technology

With QuickSite's "Dueling Browser" technology, QuickSite 2.5 simplifies the process of testing how a Web site will be rendered on the world's two most popular browsers. Significant differences between Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator make testing on each browser imperative for maximum effectiveness. QuickSite 2.5 cuts testing time in half by enabling users to preview an entire site in both browsers simultaneously.

"HyperSite" Technology

QuickSite 2.5 makes publishing sites to the World Wide Web quick and easy. QuickSite uses exclusive HyperSite Technology to automatically build all of the HTML links required, manage the log-in protocols and transfer the files directly to a NetWare server, a FTP server, or an Internet Service Provider (ISP). For those without an existing ISP hosting service, Site Technologies offers a free-trial hosting arrangement through its partnership with Netcom (see for details).

Web Site Import

Users who already have an existing Web site can import the entire site into QuickSite. QuickSite will import Web pages, links and graphics from Web sites created in applications such as Microsoft FrontPage and NetObjects Fusion. Users can then use the advanced management features of QuickSite to extend and maintain these Web sites.

Web Site Management

Building a Web site is only part of having a presence on the Web. Ongoing management of a Web site is typically a far more difficult and time-consuming task. QuickSite 2.5 makes it easy to change, modify and update a Web site with its powerful built-in management capabilities. QuickSite helps users avoid broken links, allows them to make global changes easily, and provides simple procedures for adding entire sections to a Web site.

At the core of QuickSite 2.5 is a powerful database engine that saves all elements of a Web site locally as a collection of components, giving users the ability to free-form layout a page and at the same time, capture the content of the page to be re-used as needed throughout a site. These database components give users the flexibility to create, manage and maintain a robust Web site easily. QuickSite now offers a number of advanced features. Included in QuickSite 2.5 is an external URL checker that verifies all external links, an automatic spell checker, a full HTML and Java Script tag database to take advantage of the latest browser technology, integration with Netscape Composer and other popular page tools, and QSEdit, a professional HTML editor built in for 100% code control.


About Site Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1989, Site Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: DTPT) is a leading provider of advanced Web creation and management tools based on a unique relational database that allows individuals and Webmasters to easily set up and seamlessly manage changes to Web sites of all sizes. The Company has key business relationships in the Web tools arena with many leading vendors, including IBM, Sony, Netcom Interactive, McGraw-Hill and Borland International. Site Technologies products are available through distribution, major retail stores and catalog merchants, as well as corporate resellers, international distributors and directly from the company. Headquartered in Monterey, California, Site Technologies can reached at 800-446-6955 or through the World Wide Web at http://www.Site .

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